Gift Options For Men in Our Lives

We all have special men in our lives. We are daddy’s little princesses; our Veerjis spoil us and better halves…we reign on their hearts. We can’t imagine life without dashing uncles, protective granddads and thoughtful boss/colleagues at work. In distinctive ways, they touch our lives and make every day a special one. So when that day comes which is special for these handsome people in our lives…we look forward to reciprocating with gifts for men. But wait…finding gifts for him is not an easy task. Many a times we have spent hours looking for that perfect gift and ended up buying similar stuff for all of them- an expensive tie, branded pen, costly watches, books and once when we feeling adventurous we even gifted a holiday (but to our disappointment the destination was not to the liking of the receiver). Now over the years imagine the ties in various colors hanging in your favorite ones closet lying untouched, watches being forgotten in the safe and pens being lost.

One such day browsing through various sites, scratching our heads looking for a perfect gift, we stumbled upon a beautiful collection of Scotch!! Glimmering and individualistic bottles that held a story of its own tempted us to find out more. My granddad is like no other…he deserved a special gift.

The story of Scotch, also called “Water of Life” is an interesting one. Aged in an oak barrel for minimum of 3 years; this golden spirit finds reference as early as the fifth century. Each area that produces scotch has a unique style that imparts it a distinctive taste. Simply put, Scotch whiskey is distilled beer made with malted barley, corn or other grains but the wash that is given is different. After distillation and aging in oak barrels, out comes a bottle that when unopened can last for 100 years and once opened can be enjoyed for five years. The variety one can choose from to suit individual taste is mind boggling- Single malt, blended whiskey, blended malt and single grain.

With such an impressive range to choose from, we quickly made up our mind. We thought about the traits of that special person- strong, individualistic and distinct and made a choice. The joy on the face when gifted with a bottle of this golden tipple was proof enough that our gift was well received. The bottle was admired and opened with great care. A small debate followed- whether to have it with ice or plain water and memories were shared. Many more hidden facts came out that night but the most important one was that deep down granddad loved that I carefully chose a gift that suited his personality.

If you are looking for a gift that is an expression of originality, taste and class, look at Scotch as a gift. Because these special men deserve only the best. Each bottle of scotch has a long shelf life that symbolizes your long-standing relationship, a legendary story of its own, rich taste and a legacy that will be cherished by the receiver for years to come.

Disclaimer- This blog caters to audience above 25 years of age. Alcohol consumption is injurious to health, drink responsibly, don't drink and drive


  1. scotch is an excellent choice for a gift...dint think of that earlier! thx for sharing.

  2. There are plenty of options for men in our lives. We can choose to date or marry them, have children with them, or simply be friends with them. Whatever our relationship with them, we can always find ways to improve and deepen our connection.


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