5 Popular Chaat Houses in Delhi

One thing that has remained common for all people in Delhi has been their love for street food. North, South, East or West—no matter where the person has come from in Delhi (or even the original dilliwalas), one can’t stay away from the bustling Delhi’s street food scene.

Through this article, Wicked Spoon Confessions will take you through some of the most popular chaat houses in Delhi. A few may be new for you while you may have heard of some already. You may have tried the delicacies from some of the listed chaat houses here. There are numerous and maybe uncountable good chaatwallahs throughout Delhi and listing them here would be impossible, yet we will try to list some of the most popular and liked ones—identified out of own experience or from numerous recommendations we receive.

(Word of Caution: Wickedspoonconfessions.com is not responsible for any damage to your device caused because of slurping and licking that you do while reading the article.)

1. Lala Babu Chaat Bhandaar:

Chandni Chowk is a haven for street food. Lala Babu Chaat Bhandaar is one of the most famous chaat outlet there. This one located bang opposite McDonalds, near the Fountain Chowk and is unmissable for all chaat lovers! And while you are at it, don’t forget to taste the gobi-matar samosa at Lala Babu. Simply lipsmacking!  

Average cost for two – Rs. 150/-

2. Atul Chaat Corner:

All those coming to shop at West Delhi’s popular Rajouri Garden market must have, at least once, eaten from Atul Chaat Bhandar. Located at the corner of a busy T-junction in the main market, this outlet is a must visit for any Delhiite. We know of people that visit the market just to eat from Atul Chaat Bhandar. It’s like a ritual—if visiting Rajouri Garden, you must have chaat from Atul Chaat. Apart from its ever so popular aloo tikki chaat, aloo chat, dahi batata and pao bhaaji, it’s Gol Gappe (Pani Puri for some) is a hit with the public and you can see almost a crowd with disposable bowls (dona as they are called in Punjabi) in hands waiting eagerly for their round of mouth-watering gol gappas! The chilled and spicy pudina water is just irresistible and you are sure to have a couple of bowls of that water after you are done with eating the gol gappas.

Average cost for two – Rs. 150/-

3. Prince’s Paan and Chaat Corner:

Prince paan, a very famous name, especially amongst the college-going crowd in Delhi. This is located in the upscale M Block Market of Greater Kailash-1. We have heard many a people say, “Chal yaar, let’s grab a pan at Prince.” This cult place has been popular amongst the Delhi crowd since a long time. Apart from the variety of paans (like the ice cool paan, strawberry paan, chocolate paan, butterscotch man and more!) that this place offers, the hygiene and health conscious  of you all can also grab a variety of chaats and gol gappas made in mineral water. The range has a lot to offer and includes interesting chaats like banana chaat, pattor ki chaat, baingani chaat, the standard aloo tikki and much more! You will mostly find a horde of college crowd or shoppers bee lining around the counter here.

Average cost for two – Rs. 200/-

4. Bittoo Tikki Wala:

Bittoo Tikki Wala or BTW as it is popularly known is comparatively new in the Delhi chaat circuit. However, it has carved a unique place for itself amongst the chaat lovers across Delhi. BTW opened its first outlet in the year 1991 in Rani Bagh in Delhi. Since then, with the immense popularity and ever-increasing patrons, BTW has opened many other branches/franchisees across Delhi. As the name suggests, their aloo tikki has been their USP. The huge size of the crispy tikki (cutlet) and the toppings of curd, raddish, pomegranate and spices make it an irresistible delicacy. Some other popular chaat items on its menu include mushroom mutter tawa wali chaat, lachha tokri, aloo mutter garam chaat, bhalla papri, raj kachori and English chat.

Average cost for two – Rs. 200/-

5. Prabhu Chaat Bhandaar:

Also popular as the UPSC chaat wala, Prabhu Chaat Bhandar is located adjacent to the UPSC office in Shahjahan Road, Khan Market. Its location in Khan Market is also a favourable factor, as many people who visit the market for shopping also drop by this stall for pet pooja—a great way to satisfy the hunger pangs after some shop hopping. Also, many people visiting India Gate also make it a point to visit the stall for an afternoon or evening snack. The aloo tikki chaat served at the stall is the most popular. People from all over Delhi visit this stall for a lip-smacking chaat session and for the popular pista kulfi with falooda. Finding a place to sit may not be guaranteed, but chaat lovers won’t mind standing and eating, as long as their favorites from Prabhu’s chaat stable keep getting served. Some popular chaat items here include papdi chaat, gol gappe, aloo chaat, and bhalla papdi.  

Average cost for two – Rs. 150/-

Image Courtesy www.vishwagujarat.com

As we mentioned in the beginning, these are just some of the more popular chaat outlets in Delhi and there would be many more. You would be having personal preferences and prejudices too towards your pet stall. However, what matters is that we should keep spreading the joy of eating good food. We encourage you to list out your favourite outlets from your city/town in the comments section. Who knows, we might be visiting your city soon to relish a bite from your favourite chaat corner! :)


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