Essential Indian Spices to Have In Your Kitchen For Basic Cooking

Just a pinch of spice is enough to turn sweet into spicy. True, isn't it. Used since centuries in Indian kitchens, spices add an unique flavour & form an important part of our cuisine. Moreover, spices make dishes tastier & are known for their preservative & medicinal properties. If you are looking at what spices go in an Indian spice box, this article is a must read. We tell you all about the essential Indian spices to have in your kitchen for basic cooking.

Meaning of turmeric in Hindi- Haldi
Also known as golden spice of India, turmeric has many health benefits. Additionally, it is a popular ingredient extensively used in Indian kitchen with an array of benefits due to its inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Turmeric is used extensively to add color & flavour to Indian curries & sabzis. Besides, It is also used to heal cuts & wounds, reduce inflammation & to boost immunity. In fact, consuming hot milk mixed with turmeric helps get relief from mild fever, cough & body pain. So, go on grab that turmeric latte today!
Meaning of cardamom in Hindi- Choti Elaichi
One of the top 5 spices to have in your kitchen, cardamom is also known as the queen of spices. Furthermore, due to its aroma, it is often used in Indian desserts. Consuming cardamom helps soothe digestive issues, prevents acid reflux & prevents bad breath. With this in mind, flavour Indian dishes like biryani, curries, gravies with cardamom. Spice up beverages like sweet lassi, aam panna, piyush or bake a delicious cake with a lingering hint of this amazing spice.

Meaning of pepper in Hindi- kali mirch
Pepper is undoubtedly the King of spices & loaded with health benefits. Furthermore, pepper was considered black gold & used for commerce between India & Europe. From spicing up your curry, biryani or making the staple garam masala, to an essential ingredient in our kadha during the covid pandemic, it is an essential must have in every kitchen. Studies show that it aids digestions, prevents cancer & has antioxidant properties.

If you are looking to answer the question, "What are the top selling spices in the world" the answer is pepper and mustard. 
Cumin (jeera)
Meaning of cumin in Hindi- Jeera
Who does not love the aroma of sizzling cumin seeds in pure ghee while preparing taarka! From adding a nutty flavour to a variety of Indian dishes, cumin also possess cooling & digestive properties. In fact, use them whole or crushed/powdered in Indian style curries/gravies, chicken dishes, rice or spice up your yogurt/buttermilk with these flavorful seeds.

Meaning of mustard in Hindi- Sarason
Another essential spice used extensively in making taarka for dals & Indian style vegetables, mustard is rich in vitamin C, fiber & other micro nutrients. Moreover, use crushed mustard powder to flavour banana raita or add while grilling meats. Mustard sauce can be applied to sandwiches or added to honey to make salad dressings too!

Fenugreek seeds
Meaning of fenugreek seeds in Hindi- Methi daana
Commonly powdered & used while making Indian pickles, fenugreek seeds can also be used to flavour Indian gravies, kadhi (yogurt based preparation) or used to add flavour to grilled meats & sauces. As a matter of fact, these seeds are extensively used for tempering. Roasted & crushed fenugreek seeds are added to buttermilk drink for their health benefits.
Coriander seeds 
Meaning of coriander seeds in Hindi- Dhaniya ke beej
Aromatic & loaded with health benefits, coriander seeds are often roasted before use. Flavor curries, sauces, Indian style sabzi & pickles with these seeds. An essential ingredient while making sambhar & other spice powders, this spice can be added to soups as well.

Meaning of cinnamon in Hindi- Dalchini
One of the most staple spices found in Indian kitchens, dalchini or cinnamon uses in cooking are many. It can be used to spice up your cup of tea, meat preparations, added to desserts & baked goods. Further, many rice based dishes call for adding cinnamon to add a warm aromatic flavour.

Indian spices list & spice checklist with their Hindi Names:
Although we covered only a few, spices form an important part of Indian kitchens, here are some more spices of India:
Carom seeds- Ajwain
Black cardamom- Badi Elaichi
Asafoetida- Hing
Bay Leaf- Tej patta
Cloves- Laung
Curry Leaves- Kaddi patta
Fennel seeds- Saunf
Mace- Javitri
Nigella seeds- Kalaunji
Nutmeg- Jaiphal

Where to buy Indian spices?

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So which spices you use a lot in your kitchen, tell us in the comments section.


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