How to Create a Transitional Kitchen

The transitional kitchen style is a highly desirable look. Yet, many people do not even know how to do it, let alone bring it together. Besides, this is not-quite-modern, yet not-quite-traditional style and has lots of space for self-expression, but there are basic features that you can use to lead the design method. Take a look at this article as a guide to know some of the most essential elements of a transitional theme, and you should be able to build your own solution.

Old and the New

Fundamentally, the transformation style is more about combining conventional and modern components to create a sophisticated look that does not sound too stuffy or streamlined.

It also involves taking evocative conventional forms and adding a modern finish to them. Take a peek at this stunning bridge hawk, for starters. It is quite a conventional type of faucet. When used with an au courant brass finish (with comparison to, say, a rustic blackened bronze), it looks very modern.

Mosaic Backsplashes

When you like the feel of a mosaic backsplash, try selecting one in a white palette with a warm, traditional pattern rather than one with a chic accent color. This is another perfect location to suggest the creation of herringbone tile with an unusual design, such as a fish scale or hexagon. It should match the transitional look and help you from moving color patterns in an environment that is not easy to refresh.

Shaker Cabinets

Maybe the most potent example of this combination between conventional and contemporary elements is the Shaker type cabinet front.

Such cabinet doors and drawers typically have a flat panel in the center with a raised smooth border at the sides with no "profiling" (i.e., no sophisticated curved molding). This offers a little more texture than a lightweight, flat-front cabinet that does not feel unstable. Traditionally, cabinets in this style would have been made of wood tone, as the original Shakers had built. They achieve a delicate balance of old and new when painted in a crisp, contemporary shade.

Neutrals with White and Gray

White Shaker cabinets are not seen in any transitional kitchen, but they are definitely a standard option. This is presumably because the freshness of white immediately helps every room seem more spacious. Again, transitional kitchens are not exclusively useful either. Still, white is typically combined with grays, trees, metallic lures, and other natural and textural components for a welcoming palette. 

Dark and charcoal grays are often very common, either in place of white cabinets or in addition to white for a tuxedo effect. Rich, true-neutral grays look timeless, elegant, but still up-to-date. A dark-gray chalkboard paint offers a space a feeling of happiness that prevents the atmosphere from getting too cloudy.

For those that want a little more light, blue and blue-gray create an excellent shade for set items such as cabinets or floor tiles. That kind of color helps white porcelain and polished stone look much fresher and can fit with evolving accent colors in the years to come.

Rich Woods

Mixing such broad strokes of white paint with wood provides much-required depth. It is prevalent to see transitional kitchens with wooden walls, wooden bar stools, and butcher block counters. Flooring planks in a herringbone pattern brings depth to the advantages of the conventional parquet flooring in a way that may not seem trapped in the past.

Often the right way to incorporate wood is suddenly as a decoration on a vertical surface (like the side panels on a wall cabinet) or sometimes on a roof. It puts in real design in a manner that would certainly not leave the room looking as though it were out of date.

Glowing Stone

Dark granite has been commonly used for quite a while as a popular alternative for countertops. But for a desired transitional look, a softly flecked or veined marble or quartz produces a refined sensibility without becoming hard. It is vivid enough to match the more standard features but crystal-clear enough to work with modern accents. It is excellent for all the counters or the contrasting stone or butcher block on the island for a pleasant contrast.


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