How to Improve Your Oral Health

Even though brushing your teeth is as important and basic as adding mozzarella to your pizza, most of us forget to give the care and attention to our beautiful tooth that it truly needs and deserves. Admittedly so, I too am a victim of a similar self-destructive personality trait. However, it’s never too late to give your dental care the effort, no matter what the condition of your denticulation is.

I’m not talking about a simple whitening session from your dentist’s office or the basic brushing regimen that you should know to practice, but maintaining oral hygiene on the regular, from your home, by yourself. 

It can’t get any simpler or shinier than this.

Here are a few of my dental rituals that really brought about a world of change to my denticles:

1.Light Therapy

I’m very positive that most of you have heard of light therapy, or even tried it at some point, and it’s likely that it was for your skin. But get this, light therapy can go beyond energizing your mitochondria to boost cell functionalities, it can bring forth all the positive change in the world for your set of perfect teeth.

So far, red light therapy shows the most promising results when it comes to restoring your oral health. There has been a significant correlation between red light and reduced tooth sensitivity, managing gum lines that start receding, usually with age, and of course reduces inflammation. Then there is also the strengthening of your bones, so add reinforced teeth to the list, and at last but not least- killing off oral infestation of bacteria.

2.Know The Daily Oral Rituals to Practice

What I mean by this is to not just brush, or just brush and floss, or even taking big gulps of mouthwash and be done with it. Invest a little more time, it can potentially save you a lot of money and pain, and self-esteem deterioration, that will surely come with decaying teeth and a foul smell to accompany.

Here’s how the ritual is chronologized: Gargle - Brush (use the right motions) - Floss - Mouthwash Gargling, and voila! You have completed all the basic steps and can continue to do so. Also don’t go over-brushing, it will lead to discoloration of your tooth.

Pro Tip: Brush after breakfast.

3.Avoid Teeth Decaying Dietary Options

Okay first thing that you should consider is to cut off all the wrong things from your diet. Specially food that comes with acid. But be sure to weigh out if it’s good for you or not. For instance, citrusy food comes packed with citric acid, and so do dairy products(lactic acid), however they do have a lot to offer and the pros outweigh the cons, so you shouldn’t cut that off the list.

Then we have carbonated drinks, and they come with carbonic acid, and overall, even without the acid itself, carbonated beverages are never good for your teeth. So it should be in your best interest to cut it off from your daily dietary regimen. Moreover, additives like cigarettes and alcohol can really damage your dental well-being greatly, so be sure to cut those out as well, and more importantly, it affects your general health, so these are a big no no.

4.Implement a Teeth Reinforcing Diet

For us humans, diet is a vital part of our overall well being, may it be our mental health or physical health. And it’s the same with our oral health as well. Calcium rich food like leafy greens, yogurt, tofu, cheese, fat-free milk and don’t forget to veggie up with fibre-rich fruits, try celery, cucumbers, apples, pears, carrots, and lettuce.

5.Drink Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Just like diet, hydration is just as important if not more for every person out there. Firstly, drinking water will clear our food residue, and help produce more saliva, where a lack of it can contribute to tooth decay.

Bottom Line

Believe it or not, I had to get fillings for my molars all my life, mostly young teenage years, but after getting them whitened after my 23rd birthday, I wanted to try and retain my newly restored tooth, and so I tried these.

Also turn to baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for retaining the whiteness of your teeth, so go for these simple but effective DIY methods, and couple them with my oral defense regimen, and you will never have to worry about painful encounters at the dentist’s office.

Hope you have a healthy oral life and get to retain those pearly whites for as long as you possibly can.


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