Health Benefits of Cardamom, How to use & Is Eating Cardamom Good or Bad

One of the most expensive spice in the world, cardamom is used extensively to add flavour in Indian cuisine. Highly aromatic, cardamom can enhance taste of variety of dishes like biryani , curries, bakery items and beverages. Extensively grown in the western ghats of Southern India, it is popular across the world. However, did you know that cardamom has many health benefits too? Or that in ancient Egypt, many chewed cardamom pods to clean teeth? Moreover, Romans used it for it's various beauty benefits too. 
Let's know more about the health benefits of cardamom, how to use in daily diet & is eating cardamom good or bad.

Soothes Digestive Issues:

Did you know that cardamom is related to the ginger family? Adding cardamom to your diet helps correct digestive issues like indigestion, gas, bloating & acid reflux. Moreover, consuming cardamom with warm water is a great way to improve gastrointestinal health. For these reasons, many households across India use it as a mouth freshener after meals. If you are looking for more such healing kitchen remedies, read our previous article
Reduce nausea:
Drinking few sips of cardamom tea slowly, helps ease nausea. The anti spasmodic properties present, help soothe stomach cramps & ease symptoms of nausea.
Get rid of bad breath:
Halitosis or bad breath can be easily cured by chewing a couple of cardamom pods. 

Improve oral health:
Consuming cardamom can help improve your oral health & help fight throat infections. Further, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of cardamom can help soothe sore throat. However, do share any such symptoms with your doctor.

Helps reduce skin problems:
The anti bacterial properties of cardamom help clear out skin, reduce inflammation of  skin & control sebum production. Similarly, consuming cardamom helps heal break outs & purifies skin resulting in an even toned complexion.

A great diuretic:
Cardamom has diuretic properties that helps detoxify the body by eliminating toxins & waste via the bladder and kidneys. Additionally, consuming cardamom is a great way of removing excess water from the body.
Helps regulate high blood pressure:

Due to diuretic properties present in this spice, it helps detoxify the blood by expelling excess water present in the body. Also, this helps regulate high blood pressure problems

How to use cardamom:

A powerhouse of beauty & health benefits, it can be used in multiple ways. Furthermore, one can add cardamom to stews & curries, bakery items, main dishes like biryani, beverages like smoothies, sherbet and milkshakes.

Cardamom with warm water at night benefits:
If you are looking to improve your digestion or are suffering from digestive issues, try having cardamom with warm water at night.  People suffering from indigestion, gas & bloating can benefit highly by drinking cardamom infused green tea too.

Eating cardamom is good or bad?
Initially considered a herb, cardamom has many health benefits if consumed wisely. Moreover, one can consume cardamom in many ways to enjoy glowing skin, improve metabolism & for better digestion.

How much cardamom to eat in a day?

Every remedy works when consumed in moderation. Hence, keep your consumption to a maximum of 500 mg of cardamom powder/extract per day. In addition, do check with your doctor/dietician before adding cardamom to your diet.

Where to buy cardamom?

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