Dispelling Four Common Myths About Custom Table Covers – The Truth About Table Covers

Table covers, also known as tablecloths, runners, and throws, are very popular marketing tools. Unlike standard tablecloths that are primarily used to cover dinner tables, these covers are very useful marketing tools. Most companies that participate in trade shows, business conventions, and other marketing events use them to promote their brands.

Plus, it’s never been easier to custom print company logos, marketing messages, graphics, and messages on these covers. However, over the last decade-and-a-half, the use of these covers has become less widespread among businesses. Many companies had switched to more expensive digital marketing tools. Then, the pandemic hit.

The COVID19 pandemic compelled brands to make budget cuts. Most of these cuts were directed towards their marketing departments. In some companies, up to 15% of the total marketing budgets were slashed in 2020. Most of these businesses are far away from returning to their pre-pandemic levels of marketing spending.

That’s why a simple and cost-effective marketing tool like the table cover has regained its popularity among many marketing organizations. Unfortunately, many small business owners are not using these cost-effective marketing tools because of common industry myths. Let’s dispel these myths about custom table covers -

Myth 1 - Custom Table Covers Are Too Expensive 

The finest custom table covers in the market today are mostly made of high-quality vinyl or PVC. These synthetic materials are designed to be reused, and they’re extremely resistant against external elements (e.g., sunlight damage). When we assess the price of products, reviewing their longevity and expected life is vital.

The prices of table covers are justified because they’re extremely durable. Buyers have total control over all aspects of customizing these covers - size, design, graphics, and printing. They can easily custom-create a cover that serves their brand for years, if not decades. That’s why the myth that these covers are too expensive is false.  

Don’t neglect this vital marketing tool that can make your booth stand out at events because of this myth. Custom printed covers that contain your logos and key branding information are guaranteed to elevate your brand’s presence at events. Investing in premium-quality custom covers is worth the money.

Myth 2 – Custom Table Covers Can Only Be Used for Indoor Events 

High-quality vinyl covers are perfect for all weather conditions. These durable and eye-catching covers are ideal for corporate outdoor events. They look neat, snug, tight, and appealing on tables.

Myth 3 – Custom Table Covers Are Hard to Use

The top sellers of custom covers customize each product they sell to their client's specifications. They make these covers easy to use. Plus, these covers are wrinkle-resistant. Users can roll them up, pack them in tight spaces, and transport them without worrying about damages or tears.

Myth 4 – Custom Table Covers Are Not Good Branding Tools

A major benefit of using customized table covers is that the latest sellers use dye-sublimation printing. This cost-effective printing technique always produces high-quality graphics that are densely printed on the fabric of the covers.

Overall, customized covers are low-cost yet highly impactful marketing tools. Don’t let these myths discourage you from investing in them!


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