Basil Seed Benefits & Easy Ways To Use Basil Seeds In Recipes

Known as sabja, tukmaria & falooda seeds across India, basil seeds are a good source of protein, fiber & Omega 3 fatty acids. Full of minerals like potassium, manganese, calcium these tiny seeds help keep the digestive system cool. Moreover, regular consumption also helps tackle constipation & ulcers. The Vitamin K & antioxidants present keep your skin super healthy. However, one can do a lot more than enjoying sabja seeds in our favorite dessert falooda. Here are a few basil seed benefits & easy ways to use basil seeds in recipes.

However, do take care to clean up sabja seeds to remove any small stones or dust. 

No cook basil seed pudding:

A delicious sabja seed recipe with milk (dairy/non dairy)

With cooling basil seeds, honey & milk, this dessert is healthy & delicious. To make a vegan dessert with basil seeds, replace milk with coconut, almond or any other nut milk. To 500 ml milk, add 1 small cup basil seeds. Mix well & let the seeds swell in size. Next, add honey to sweeten. Add a little rose syrup to the mix. Further, add cardamom powder to taste. Garnish with few raisins & dry fruits of choice. Serve chilled.

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Basil seed lemonade:

How about making your lemonade more cool by adding sabja seeds. To make 2 glasses, soak 2 tbsp  sabja seeds in one cup water. Next, rest for 30 minutes till the seeds absorb all water. Further, mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with water, honey, salt & roasted cumin powder. Mix well. Finally, add soaked sabja seeds & mix everything together. Serve cold. Isn't this one of the tastiest basil seed drink?

Coconut water pineapple basil seed drink:

Want a drink that tastes like summer? Try this one. Take two cups of fresh coconut water. Next, add crushed pineapple pulp. Add rock salt & honey to adjust taste. Further, add soaked sabja seeds & mix. Chill for couple of hours. Drink up!

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You can also enjoy the health benefits by drinking sabja seeds soaked in water. Here are a few basil seed benefits:

- Helps regulate body heat
- The dietary fiber present helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
- Reduces bloating & constipation
- Due to presence of fiber, it helps promote a feeling of satiety. As a result, drinking sabja water may aid in weight loss.

How many basil seeds per day:

Do remeber to practice moderation & consume not more than 2 tsps of sweet basil seeds per day. In addition, do check with your doctor/dietician before consumption.


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