Delicious Healthy Indian Snack Recipes To Make At Home

Tired of picking up a packet of chips or unhealthy burgers when hunger pangs beckon in the evening? Although, enjoying a 5 O' clock snack is not bad, mindful eating is a healthier option. Try making these delicious healthy Indian snack recipes to enjoy taste without compromising on health. 

Hung Curd Sandwich:

Ready in a jiffy & one of our favorite quick evening snacks. 

Take some thick hung curd & add to a bowl. Next, add chopped vegetables like carrots, cucumber, bell peppers. Further, add one chopped onion. To spice things up, add finely chopped green chilies, coriander & little mix herbs. Give everything a nice mix. Apply little ghee on brown bread slices & toast/grill till brown. Finally, add the hung curd mix & fresh lettuce to the tosted slices. Serve hot.

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Makhana Bhel:

Who does not love chatpata Mumbai style bhel? Rustle up a healthier chaat version with this delicious makhana (fox nut) bhel recipe. Admittedly, Delicious, healthy & low on calories, makhana bhel is also a healthy Indian snack for weight loss.

For full recipe click here

Oats Suji Chilla:

How about combining oats with healthy suji (rava) for a delicious snack? Dry roast one cup instant oats, cool & grind to a fine powder. Next, add 2-3 tbs rava. Furthermore, add yogurt & little water to make a smooth batter. Add finely grated ginger, chopped green chilies & salt to taste. Now, heat a cast iron tawa & add little oil. Further, pour a laddle of the batter & spread evenly. Cook till golden on both sides. Finally, serve with fresh mint-coriander chutney.

Grated Sweet Potato Snack:

Looking for a light evening snack? Try this healthy recipe made with sweet potatoes. Moreover, sweet potatoes are one of the best natural source of beta carotene & full of health benefits. Loaded with Vitamin C, B6 content, sweet potatoes can be consumed by diabetics too. However, do check with your doctor/dietician before consumption

Millet Upma:

Millets are low on calories, healthy & making a comeback on menus across the globe. Wash & soak one cup millet of choice- Kodo, foxtail or little millet for min of 45 minutes. Next, drain water & keep aside. In a kadhai, add little oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves & urad dal. Further, saute till dal turns golden. Add one chopped onion & one chopped tomato, cook till soft. Now add finely chopped carrots, french beans & peas. Add some salt & turmeric powder & cook till done. Next, put enough water & let it come to a gentle boil. Finally, add the soaked millet & cook on medium flame for 15-20 minutes. Serve hot garnished with fresh coriander. Moreover, freshly made tomato chutney tastes very well with millet upma.

In conclusion, snacks although tasty need not be unhealthy. So, which all these delicious healthy Indian snack recipes are you going to try?


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