Avoid These Foods That Age Your Face Faster & Cause Wrinkles

Although aging is a natural process, premature aging of skin is avoidable. As a matter of fact, we all start showing subtle signs of aging as we enter the 30's. Healthy lifestyle, exercise, stress-free living & a balanced diet surely helps in maintaining skin health. However, we all know what foods to eat for younger looking skin. But do we know which ones to avoid? Yes, there are a few items that we unknowingly consume everyday which may speed up the aging process. Hence, avoid these foods that age your face faster & cause wrinkles.

Processed foods: 

Want beautiful glowing skin? Start limiting the consumption of highly processed meats like sausages, bacon, hot dogs, pepperoni & items that contain trans fats. These food items also contain free radicals that affect skin health & it's ability to generate collagen. Another reason to choose fresh foods over processed foods.

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Frozen Meals:

Suffering from puffy, bloated, dehydrated skin? Take a peak in your freezer. Frozen meals like microwave pizza contain high amounts of sodium that leads to water retention. This in turn causes puffy facial skin that looks unhealthy. High sodium levels also play havoc with your cardiovascular health & blood pressure levels, leading to premature skin aging. If you are looking at how to reverse aging naturally, try cutting frozen meals from your diet. 


Many of us do not enjoy sound sleep after consumption of alcohol. Further, the skin feels extremely dehydrated the next day. Excessive consumption of  alcohol causes dehydration of skin, leading to early onset of wrinkles, pigmentation & other skin woes. Moreover, toxin build up in the liver is another side effect. Once this happens, skin develops many problems like acne, inflammation of skin, dry skin & more. Hence, avoid consumption of alcohol as it's one of the foods that cause wrinkles.

Fried Foods:

Love French fries? But what about the high trans fat content in deep fried foods like onion rings, French fries, fried chicken & more? Although high on taste, these items are certainly not beneficial to our overall health & adversely affect our skin health. Frying foods at high temperatures release free radicals that impact the skin in multiple ways & cause aging. 

White Sugar:

Apart from being unhealthy, white sugar speeds up the skin aging process. Simple sugar is notorious as it binds with body protein & is harmful to collagen. Moreover, if you want the happy smile intact, avoid sugar as it impacts dental health. In contrast, jaggery has more health benefits & does not have any effect on the aging process. So avoid excessive white sugar, one of the foods that age your face.

White Bread:

Stripped of its natural nutrient rich fiber, all purpose flour used in making white bread does not contain any health benefits. Also, the sugar added in the process is another food that age your face faster & cause wrinkles. Conversely, whole grains are better as they contain essential vitamins & minerals. Moreover, they help keep the body feeling satiated longer, avoiding the need to binge on unhealthy foods. 


Did you know that cup of coffee you are drinking may be dehydrating your skin? Caffeine is a diuretic that depletes your body fluids, leading to dry dehydrated skin. As a result, this may cause skin inflammation, irritable skin, dry skin leading to onset of wrinkles. Cut down on your caffeine intake & replace it with healthy infused waters instead.

So, which of these foods are on your list that you will try & eliminate? Tell us in the comments section.


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