Puffy eyes make you look tired and pale, snatching away all the freshness of your face. Generally it isn’t a sign of any underlying disease and there could be other reasons behind those bags under eyes. It could be due to lack of sleep, trauma, fluid retention from large salt intake, allergies, too much alcohol consumption or even hereditary differences. 

We bring you the secret of 5 natural ingredients that can make you treat those puffy eyes within a couple of weeks, only if used ‘religiously’.

1) Potato : It has astringent properties that brightens up skin naturally. Take a raw potato, grate it and squeeze out some juice. Apply it with the help of cotton pads and rinse after 20 minutes. Do it regularly and see the changes within a few days, ‘guaranteed’.

2) Cucumber : Have you ever wondered why beauticians often keep cucumber slices on eyes of their customers while giving them a relaxing facial? Because no facial is entirely relaxing until and unless your eyes feel relaxed. And cucumbers ace this job! They not only reduce puffiness but also treat fatigue and tiredness of eyes.

3) Tea bags : Green tea is packed with various antioxidants that help better body functioning. After having it you can store the used tea bags in refrigerator only to use them as cool and chilling eye packs. It reduces puffiness to quite an extent, instantly. 

4) Oats : Oats and other fiber rich ingredients help to treat constipation which could be one of the reasons for puffiness behind eyes. Have them in your meals and stay healthy, inside and out. 

5) Tomato : Like potato, tomato can resolve your concern of puffy eyes like magic, too. Tomatoes are known for adding unique flavor to food, in no time do they also add charm to your eyes abating all that paleness, tiredness and eye-bags straight away. You can strain out some juice from a raw tomato and directly apply it over eyes or also make some ice cubes with that juice to get benefits of an ice facial too. 

Assure your body for good by putting in all the healthy food inside ditching the junk, this would ultimately get you faster results. Limit salt consumption as it can lead to puffy eyes in some people. In addition to natural remedies you can choose Deyga’s natural under eye cream to complement your efforts in right direction. Handcrafted from the essence of powerful natural ingredients it reduces dark circles and under eye bags. Fine lines under eyes are also worked upon by this nature’s cream to slow down premature ageing signs. You can get it from the official website of Deyga Organics.