9 Fiber Rich Foods To Include in Your Daily Diet

We all know that a diet rich in fiber helps keep the gut healthy. But did you also know that eating a fiber rich diet helps prevent heart disease, diabetes & aids in weight loss? Equally important is to note that there are two types of fiber that one should add in their daily diet- soluble & insoluble. Insoluble fiber helps promote a feeling of satiety, prevents constipation & helps keep weight in check. In contrast, soluble fiber slows down digestion & keeps blood sugar levels in check. Let's look at fiber rich foods to include in our daily diet. 

Carrots- Fiber Rich Food To Include in Daily Diet

However, do remember to consume adequate amounts of water along with this high fiber diet plan. We have tried to list as many fiber rich foods easily available in India. 

Fiber rich vegetables:

Green Peas:

A great source of Vitamin A, K & C, green peas are fiber rich. One cup of boiled peas provides approx  9 gms of fiber. Add handful of boiled peas to curries, pastas or stews to include them in your daily diet. Moreover, you can make delicious dips or cutlets too with green peas. 

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Sweet Potato:

A delicious root vegetable, add cooked sweet potato to your diet for a good source of fiber content. The soluble fiber content, helps promote a feeling of satiety & lower blood pressure. Additionally, adding sweet potatoes to your diet helps improve skin & hair health due to it's rich vitamin C, E & A content. 

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Anti oxidant rich carrots are tasty & healthy. Rich in beta carotene, carrots are good for the eyes. Eating carrots, helps keep the heart healthy & boosts immunity. Also, the vitramin K & calcium present is good for your bone health. Add carrots to your stir fry recipes, daily vegetables or have them raw in salads.  

Fiber rich fruits


Bananas are known to be wholesome foods. Full of heart healthy potassium, iron & calcium, bananas contain great fiber content. In addition, they make for a great snack or complement well in smoothies & desserts. Furthermore, one can add these delicious fruits to oatmeal for a healthy breakfast.


Apart from healthy fats, protein, magnesium, vitamin E, almonds also content fiber. Besides, a good way to enjoy benefits of almonds is to soak them overnight. Peel the skin & have it before your breakfast for a healthy start.

Sunflower Seeds:

A great source of vitamin E & selenium, sunflower seeds contain good amount of fiber. Add these healthy seeds to home made trail mix, nutrition bars, breads, smoothies, salads & more. However, do limit your intake as these seeds contain fat content too.

Chia seeds:

Chia seeds contain good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein & fiber, making these tiny seeds a popular superfood. In addition, they contain good amount of selenium, calcium, magnesium, iron & other minerals. Make healthy puddings & desserts with chia seeds, add to smoothies, fresh bakes or more. Order our premium quality chia seeds today to enjoy thier many health benefits


A great source of soluble & insoluble fiber, oats are a good source of carbohydrates too. Full of vitamins like B1, B5 & minerals like magnesium, copper, iron & more, oats are considered one of the best breakfast choices. The fiber present helps reduce the risk of constipation & maintain cardiovascular health.  

So, which of these foods are your favorite? Tell us any innovative recipes tried by you with these fiber rich foods in the comments section.


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