Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds: How to use Chia seeds For Better Health, Skin & Hair

Did you know that chia seeds contain more calcium than milk & more potassium than bananas? As a  matter of fact, Popeye fans should take note that these tiny seeds contain more iron than spinach too! Moreover, not only are chia seeds a great source of fiber, but also loaded with antioxidants. Incorporating chia seeds in your daily diet, helps boost body metabolism & control blood sugar levels. Full of goodness, let's talk about health benefits of chia seeds & how to use this superfood for better health, skin & hair.

Chia seeds benefits & side effects:

Helps lower blood pressure:

According to studies, consuming these seeds is highly beneficial due to presence of Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants & fiber. The nutritional profile of chia seeds helps keep the liver healthy & control blood pressure. In addition, the alpha- linolenic acid & nitrates present helps keep the blood pressure in check.

Good for your heart:

The presence of Omega 3 fatty acids & fiber in chia seeds has a positive effect on our heart health. Further, the presence of iron & antioxidants help reduce damage caused by free radicals. Omega 3 fatty acids helps raised HDL (good cholesterol) levels- important to keep our heart healthy

Aids weight loss:

Chia seeds help satiate hunger pangs & help you feel full for long. When soaked in water, chia seeds swell up & bind together to a gel like texture. Hence, when added to daily diet, these seeds help make you feel satiated for longer duration. 

Stronger teeth & bones:

Chia seeds are a good source of calcium & their consumption is a great way to maintain bone & dental health. Moreover, presence of minerals like potassium & manganese is highly beneficial in keeping the bones healthy.

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Boosts energy levels:

Chia seeds are a great caffeine free source of energy. Besides, having chia seeds water is a great way to stay hydrated the whole day. With a balanced proportion of fiber, protein & fats, these seeds provide energy throughout the day.

Chia seeds benefits for skin:

Consuming chia seeds help in keeping the skin hydrated & prevents sagging. Also, the antioxidants & omega 3 fatty acids present help fight free radical damage resulting in younger looking skin. The anti inflammatory properties help reduce skin inflammation if any.

Chia seeds benefits for hair:

The high protein content in chia seeds is highly beneficial to maintain hair health. Besides, presence of minerals like zinc, potassium, phosphorous also helps in hair growth & strengthen hair. 

Why chia seeds are bad for you?

A few have experienced a feeling of choking while ingesting chia seeds as they swell up on soaking in liquids. As a result, it's always advisable to swallow small quantities of these seeds.  

How much chia seeds should you eat a day?

As these seeds are loaded with fiber, start by consuming 1 to 1.5 tablespoon daily.  With this in mind, if you do not find any discomfort, you may increase consumption after consulting your doctor/dietician 

What is the best way to eat chia seeds?

Although one may find commercially sold beverages, protein bars, cereals & snacks with chia seeds as one of the ingredient, one of the best way to eat chia seeds is to soak in water & drink as daily fluid intake. 

Additionally, chia seeds can be added to homemade smoothies, juices, salad dressings (made with olive oil), granola & protein bars.

How long do chia seeds need to soak?

Soak chia seeds in water, milk or dairy free milk (almond, coconut) from approx. 20 minutes to one hour till they swell a little. Check for the texture, as once soaked these seeds should be chewy. If they clump together, add more liquid. 

How to use Chia seeds:

Make healthy desserts with chia seeds. Furthermore, a pudding made with these seeds, milk (dairy or non-dairy), vanilla essence & fresh seasonal fruits will be loved by all! Add this superfood to home made snacks, beverages, smoothies & more

So, what's your favorite way of using chia seeds? Have you made a chia pudding recently? Do tell us in the comments. Moreover, if you are looking for premium quality chia seeds, do contact us at