Enjoy Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana With Bhojanyan, a Reliable Tiffin Service

Ordering in from restaurants sounds fun & easy in the beginning, right? But, it's certainly not a healthy choice. As a matter of fact, frequently ordering meals from restaurants is linked to poor food choices & over eating. Moreover, the way food is prepared has a direct correlation to how many calories it contains. Making conscious food choices are a need of the hour during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Furthermore, incremental home chores may leave us with limited time to plan healthy meals. Moreover, what about elderly loved ones? With some residential communities disallowing maids, it is indeed difficult for them to cope up with cooking & related chores. A tiffin delivery service can help cope up with these challenging times but finding a hygienic reliable option is important. With this in mind, let's look at Bhojanyan, a reliable tiffin service that delivers homely food to Amchi Mumbai.

Enjoy Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana With Bhojanyan

Founded by Omkar Patkar, Bhojanyan started as a small venture. A pantry on wheels concept it later moved on to become a full fledged kitchen that ensured food supply to a larger demographic. Having served over 300,000 meals, the venture is helmed by Omkar, Masterchef India-2 runner-up.

During these uncertain times, each one of us is multitasking. Hence nutritious meals are extremely important to build immunity & stay healthy. We all know that cooking nutritious food needs a lot of planning and prep work. Bhojanyan offers patrons healthy food choices that taste just like "Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana".

Bhojanyan's menu offers a wide variety of items like full meals- dal, roti, sabzi, rice, salad & combo meals- roti and sabzi that are a good option for corporates. Specials include paneer butter masala, butter chicken served with butter rotis, egg curry, veg biryani, chicken biryani. In addition, one can also chose monthly subscriptions for lunch & dinner.   

Here are a few snippets from our conversation with Omkar Patkar- Founder, Bhojanyan

Omkar Patkar, Masterchef Season 2 Runner Up & Bhojanyan's Founder

What part of your occupation do you personally find most satisfying & most challenging?

Personally I feel keeping the food quality standards high every time, is always a challenge. However, the appreciation received after serving quality food to patrons is most satisfying part of this venture. We have also provided meals to people in quarantine & that has been a very satisfying experience. 

What motivated you to start Bhojanyan?

Creating quality food products in the tiffin food niche which has more often been showcased as" just filler food " was something that motivated me to enter this domain.

What challenges have you recently faced?

Most of our customers are dependent elder citizens, people living alone or corporates with busy schedules, hence timely food delivery has been a challenge due to Covid situation. However, we have worked with our delivery partners to supply food in timely manner. We also provide breakfast to hospitals which again has to be delivered at a certain time. In addition, with people migrating we are seeing dip in orders from that segment.

How many people does Bhojanyan employ currently?

We have a total staff of 22. 10 kitchen staff, 3 cleaning, 1 manager and 9 packaging + delivery 

-On last note, would you like to give us an insight on your future plans?

We seek to expand our services pan Mumbai, all 100 pincodes.

Bhojanyan- a reliable tiffin delivery service

So do not opt for nutrition shortcuts if you are living alone, in middle of a health emergency or just too caught up in busy schedules. Choose Bhojanyan. A healthy option that can prove useful to bachelors and people living alone, elderly loved ones, students, working women & many more. Moreover, Bhojanayan also provides specially curated menu items for special occasions like get togethers, ceremonies like pooja, birthdays, anniversary from an only veg kitchen located at Bhandup. Bhojanyan runs a full fledged kitchen service across locations like Bhandup, Sion & Thane. One of the best tiffin service in Bhandup, Bhojanyan serves free food to Covid affected families….so do not hesitate to reach out to them. 

Bhojanyan undertakes all safety measures to maintain hygiene. Also, their social responsibility programs include providing meals to immigrants who have lost jobs in these tough times & relatives of patients seeking lengthy treatments.

Bhojanayan Contact#  7303202030

Patrons can also place orders on www.bhojanyan.com


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