Mint Leaves Indian Recipes: How to Use Mint Leaves In Cooking

Cooking with mint leaves is a great way to add a refreshing touch to our daily cooking. Moreover, in summers mint can be used in various ways apart from making biryanis or teas due to it's cooling properties. Furthermore, mint also known as pudina has many health benefits. Packed with antioxidants & vitamins, it helps treat indigestion due to it's antiseptic properties. In addition, it helps boost immunity & soothe the digestive tract. 

Often, we buy these leaves in a bunch & than wonder, "What can I do with excess mint or pudina?" Apart from making refreshing beverages, add to salads made with fresh fruits, healthy smoothies, raitas & desserts. Also, if are looking to answer, "Can we eat raw mint?" Yes, go ahead. Not only will it help you refresh your breadth but also soothe an irritated digestive system. 

Let's look at some mint leaves Indian recipes & how to use these aromatic leaves in cooking:

Mint Raita:

Raita's make for delicious accompaniments to Indian meals. Make this easy pudina raita that shall be a surest crowd pleaser 

Whisk one cup dahi (yogurt) along with salt, sugar & roasted cumin powder to taste. Keep aside. Further, grind 10-15 mint leaves with enough water & add to the whisked yogurt. Next, add a pinch of pepper powder. Keep covered in fridge till serving. Additionally, you can add vegetables like chopped carrots, cucumber, onions to make it more nutritional.

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Mint Coconut Rice:

A great way to enjoy rice with refreshing flavours of mint & coconut. 

Firstly, cook one cup rice & set aside. Next, make a thick paste with 1/2 cup mint leaves, little cilantro, 2-3 garlic cloves, 1/2 inch ginger piece, green chilies as per taste, 1/4th cup grated coconut & little salt. Further, add some ghee & sauté one bay leaf, cinnamon stick & add the mint paste. Adjust water if required. Cook till aromatic. Add cooked rice, mix well & cover. Finally, garnish with ghee roasted cashew nuts & serve.

Pudina Aloo:

A refreshing tangy curry that shall tickle your taste buds. 

Boil & peel 250 gms potatoes. Next, dice them into medium size pieces. Further, make a paste with 1/2 cup cleaned mint leaves, little coriander, chilies as per taste & 1/2 inch ginger piece. Also, try to add less water to make the paste. Cook the potato with little oil & cumin seeds. Furthermore, add the mint paste to the potatoes & cook for 10 minutes. Add 1/2 cup whisked dahi, salt & spice powders like turmeric, coriander powder & garam masala. Finally, add a bit of amchur powder for tanginess & mix well. Serve hot.

Yogurt Mint Dip:

A tasty dip that can be enjoyed with chips or raw carrot/cucumber sticks. 

Hang one cup yogurt in a muslin cloth for couple of hours to remove excess water. Next, make a paste with one cup of cleaned & washed mint leaves, one green chili, Himalayan salt & little chaat masala. Finally, add the mix to the hung yogurt. Adjust seasonings as per taste. Serve chilled. 

Grilled Pudina Paneer: 

Curries or starters made with paneer/cottage cheese are usually liked by all. A versatile ingredient, paneer can be made in several ways. Adding mint marination while grilling paneer is a great variation to your regular tikkas. Firstly, make a thick paste with 1/2 cup mint leaves, 1/2 cup coriander, 1-2green chili, 1-2 cloves of garlic & small piece of ginger. Further, add a little thick curd to the paste. Next, add spice powders like coriander, roasted cumin powder & amchur powder & mix again. Add cubed paneer along with cubed onion, green bell pepper to the marination & combine. Let it marinate for 3-4 hours. To make tikkas, place the marinated paneer, onion, capsicum cubes alternatively on a skewer. Roast uniformly on a grill pan & serve hot. 

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What are your favorite ways of cooking with mint? Tell us in the comments section.


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