How To Make Rice Flour At Home With Easy Tips

Rice flour, a great gluten free ingredient can be introduced in our daily cooking easily. In fact, cooking with rice flour is an absolute delight. It can be made into delectable breakfast dishes. Moreover, it can be also used to make healthy akki rotis, modaks, chaklis & more. Especially helpful for people avoiding gluten, rice flour provides a good alternative to wheat. Moreover, many of us especially ones with celiac disease prefer homemade ingredients over supermarket ones. As many of us learn to live with bare essentials during the Covid-19 situation, it's better to rely on pantry essentials that can be made at home. Let's look at how to make rice flour at home with easy tips.

Easy Steps  to make rice flour:

The ingredients required are only good quality cleaned rice grains & a powerful grinder. Start with soaking the desired amount of rice after rinsing it in water. Do remember that one cup of rice will yield around 1 1/2 to 2 cups of rice flour. Additionally, soak for at least 2-3 hours to yield a fine powder.
After soaking rice grains, drain all the water & dry them on a clean cotton cloth in shade. Dry them for at least an hour. However, do remember that the grains should be slightly moist.
Now grind the grains in a grinder little by little. Check the consistency of the flour, if it feels grainy, grind some more.

Now, using a fine sieve, sift it the flour. This step helps in separating small granules of grains from the rice flour. Store, the rice grains to make a delicious phirni or use it in idli batter. Alternatively, you can grind them again to yield more flour.

Now transfer the flour in a plate and let it dry.