Easy & Delicious Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney Recipe

Do you love consuming all edible parts of vegetables & herbs? In our earlier article, we spoke about various ways to practice root to shoot edibility. Moreover, edible parts like vegetable peels are loaded with nutrients that can easily extra flavour to our everyday cooking. Besides, have you tried making a delicious chaat with discarded pea peels (matar ke chilke) or adding celery stalks to soups for added flavour? Apart from being tasty, this helps us enjoy extra nutrients. Let's tell you how to make an easy & delicious ridge gourd (turai) peel chutney with minimal ingredients.

Healthy & delicious ridge gourd peels chutney

Loaded with health benefits, ridge gourd peels are rich in dietary fiber & low in calories. Additionally, adding it to your diet helps strengthen your immune system.


1 cup ridge gourd peels
3 tbsp fresh grated coconut
1-2 green chilies
Lemon juice as per taste
salt to taste
water as required


Separate ridge gourd peels with a vegetable peeler. Wash them under running water & remove excess water.

Cut into smaller size & place in a blender with coconut & green chilies.

Blend to a coarse paste by adding little water

Add lemon juice & salt to taste & blend again.

Easy Indian Style Ridge Gourd Peels Chutney

Serve with dosa or with rotis.


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