Jil Jil Jigarthanda: The Famous Summer Drink From Madhurai, Benefits & How to Make at Home

A summer cooler called Jigarthanda that literally translates to "cool heart" will intrigue many. Moreover, it may even attract foodies like me to dig deeper & find out about it's origins. To be honest, having indulged in a variety of summer coolers, a special drink from Madurai known as Jigarthanda was on top of my list!! And during one of my trips to Madurai during summer, I witnessed many enjoy it from shops as well as pushcarts. Sold for around Inr 30 for a small glass, the drink tastes a bit different across shops. However, the one thing that stands out? It has a pleasing taste & is different from anything you may have ever tasted. Want to dive in to know more about this refreshing beverage? Let's look at Jil Jil Jigarthanda, the famous summer drink from Madurai, benefits & how to make it at home.

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Just like sherbets became popular in the Indian subcontinent during the rule of the Mughal emperor Babur, many believe that jigarthanda was popularized by Mughals. However, some say that it was introduced by the Muslim population of Madurai, who may have moved from Hyderabad. Additionally, the drink was consumed during wedding nights as one of the ingredients almond pisin is believed to possess aphrodisiac properties.

Though made with milk, it is very different from falooda. The latter is made with sabja (basil) seeds, milk, sweet flavored syrups & vermicelli. However, the main ingredients in jigarthanda are almond pisin also known as badam pisin/katira gond, nannari syrup (sarsaparilla), condensed milk & ice cream.

Let's look at Jigarthanda drink benefits:
  • One of the ingredients present, badam pisin is known as a natural coolant. Moreover, it helps reduces body heat during summer months.
  • Nannari syrup is known to be used in many cooling beverages
  • Some studies show that badam pisin helps relieve burning sensation in stomach
  • Badam pisin is a natural gum & hence a better alternative to market bought jellies.

How is Jigarthanda made?

Similar to falooda, the drink is assembled in a glass. Badam pisin is soaked overnight to form a jelly like consistency. A small amount is added along with nannari syrup, reduced milk & topped with reduced milk ice cream.

If you are looking at how to do make jigarthanda at home, here is an easy step by step recipe from Veg recipes of India


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