Top 6 Unique Honeymoon Destinations for Millennial Newlyweds

When it comes to honeymoon destination ideas, millennials want something more exciting than the traditional alternatives. But, prohibitive cost of some destinations can keep young couples at bay as well. In this article, we explore some of the top honeymoon destinations that would entice your sense of adventure and uniqueness while not breaking your bank.

Millennial travellers have different priorities than their predecessors. For example, they have been known to be willing to splurge on hotels and strive to break free from traditional or touristy activities, while prioritising budget airlines and deals. Given their different tendencies, it also makes sense that young couples would be looking for novel and unique destinations that are not as mainstream.

Below, we have looked into top 6 favourite honeymoon destinations for millennial newlyweds in India and how much they would cost. To help young couples even more, we also discuss how to save money on your honeymoon trip.

Consider Setúbal, Portugal for a Secluded European Honeymoon

Portugal is one of more overlooked destinations in Europe that actually is amazing for honeymoons because of its beaches, great food scene and affordability. While big cities like Porto or Lisbon are already famous for their beauty and culinary scene, but Setúbal is definitely worth considering for a truly unique experience. Not only is this city is still fairly off the beaten path compared to other large European cities, its beaches (such as Portinho da Arrábida) and Arrabida Natural Park are great escapes for those looking for respite from bustles of cities. You can also take a wine (Portugal is known for its wine specialty, Port) or food tour for around Rs.4,000 per person, or go dolphin watching for around Rs.7,000. For lodging, you can expect to spend less than Rs.10,000 per night for a 4 or 5-star hotel. 

Explore Zambia's National Parks for a Luxury Safari Experience

For the last couple years, Zambia has been rising as a promising honeymoon destination in Africa. Zambia boasts several luxury safari lodges like Tena Tena, Luangwa River Lodge and Tongabezi. However, we recommend this trip only for couples who are willing to spare no expense, as airfare and accommodations are quite costly, with luxury lodges costing more than Rs.40,000 per night. If you can afford the trip, however, the safari's magic could more than makeup for the price, where you can experience a unique adventure of observing Big Five game animals like lions, leopard, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape buffalos in their natural habitat. 

Consider Patagonia, Chile for Unforgettable Landscapes and Adventure

Patagonia, Chile is one of the farthest destinations on our list, but it can also be one of the most unforgettable experiences. The airfare is expensive, but accommodation at luxury hotels are reasonably priced, costing about Rs.12,000 per night. Patagonia's landscape is famous for being otherworldly, and is ideal for adventurous couples who want to experience kayaking amongst some of the world's largest glaciers, embarking on horseback riding tours and hiking some of the most beautiful trails known to man. These tours can cost anywhere between Rs.6,000 for a one-day trip to Rs.80,000-2,30,000 for a multi-day treks. Furthermore, this is a great trip for a longer vacations, like a honeymoon, given its distance from India. 

Explore Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia For a Completely New Cultural Experience

At first glance, the capital of Mongolia may not seem like an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon. However, Ulaanbaatar boasts a vibrant nightlife scene, a plethora of cultural and artistic sites, and is in close proximity to a variety of nature hikes and tours. To be sure, Ulaanbaatar is not as tourist friendly as traditional metropolitan honeymoon destinations such as Paris, London or New York. Its streets are poorly designated and most people won't be familiar with English. However, you can circumvent these challenges by hiring a local tour guide for your time in Ulaanbaatar. Alternatively, you can also venture outside and go for a multi-day hike through Mongolia’s national parks or the Gobi Desert. For a fully-planned itinerary, you can get an 8-day tour for Rs.1,10,000, which includes a tour of the capital city, several national parks, monasteries and a boat cruise. 

Bask in the Sun on the Beach of Maldives

Maldives offers a world of opportunity for couples looking to experience the ultimate romance and comfort—and it's takes less than 3 hours to get there from Mumbai. While most couples love to idly relax and frolic on Maldvies' beautiful beaches, you can also explore the galleries and museum in the city. Some more premium activiites include a seaplane ride, a private cruise session with a romantic dinner, or an underwater meal at the famous Itaah Underwater Restaurant where dining costs Rs.35,000 for a couple. The best time to visit the Maldives would be between November to April.

Explore Sri Lanka for a Uniquely Spiritual and Adventurous Trip

Our last pick is a bit of a controversy, given the travel advisory that has been issued for Indian nationals against visiting the country. However, the External Affairs Ministry has updated its advisory in May, saying that "the security situation was gradually returning to normal in the island nation."
For those who are willing to brave it, Sri Lanka offers a world of opportunity to experience a variety of activities—and it's only a 4 hour flight away. You can do everything from relaxing on the beach to exploring small villages and historic Hindu temples. National park fees are also fairly affordable, costing around Rs.1,000 for the entrance fee and Rs.3,000 to hire a jeep for one full day. You can also opt for private guides that will take you on a tour of the park and provide transportation, which should cost roughly Rs.2,000 to Rs.2,500 for a half-day tour. Furthermore, 4 and 5-star hotels are also fairly affordable compared to more tourist trodden beach destinations such as Bali, at about Rs.14,000 per night. 

Easy Ways to Save on Your Honeymoon

It's easy for your honeymoon budget to go out of control as you try to create the ultimate experience to celebrate the start of your life with your partner. Therefore, it may help to save money when you can to keep your costs as feasible as possible.

To do so, you should first create a budget of how much you can afford to spend. While it may be tempting take out a personal loan to book the best vacation of your dreams, it is better to start your marriage off on a financially healthy foot. One of the tricks you can use to afford more than you can is to ask people to donate to your honeymoon fund in lieu of a traditional wedding registry, a trend that has become increasingly popular. Once you know your budget, you should plan to book your trip a few months out in advance as airfare can be between 13%-56% cheaper when booked at least 6 months in advance. Sometimes, informing your hotel or airline that it's your honeymoon could lead to extra perks like discount on your bookings or a free upgrade. Lastly, using a great travel credit card to both make your travel bookings and pay for things abroad is a smart way to get an extra boost in your wallet. A lot of cards in India will provide discounts on travel booking sites, while some will also provide extra rewards points.

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