6 Best Corn Recipe Ideas

Corn kernels are pretty versatile. We all have monsoon memories of relishing wood-fire roasted tender juicy corn, sprinkled with lemon juice, salt and chili powder. They work as great side dish and make for exciting ingredients in finger foods, appetizers, soups, salads and casseroles. Here are some fun dishes in which you can include sweet corn to delight your taste buds.

Tasty corn fritters

In the mood for something fried? Is the pleasantness of the weather adding to your cravings? Indulge in some corn fritters … have them with some ketchup or green chutney. And if you are anywhere close to evening time, then combining this snack with your tea will probably be a very good idea.

Image Source - Takeaway - Creative Commons

Warm it up with some sweet corn soup
The humble sweet corn soup has still not lost its charm even with the advent of other variety of soups. To top that, it is fairly simple to make at home too. Just sauté some boiled corns and veggies of your choice. Add some corn flour mixed with water and allow it to boil. Season it with some salt and pepper and voila a hot soup is ready to beat monsoon blues.

Image Source - Richard Lee - Creative Commons

A light corn salad

Salads are just so light on the stomach; one would hardly hear tales where people felt heavy after consuming healthy salads. And of course they come enriched with health benefits. So next time you plan on whipping up some salad, sprinkle some corns on it for an extra boost or make an easy corn salad. Here's how - cook corn kernels in a microwave for couple of minute till tender and transfer to a bowl. Add chopped onions, bell peppers, coriander and mix well. For seasoning add red chili powder, lemon juice and black salt to taste. Serve garnished with mint leaves.

Image Source - Marco Verch - Creative Commons

Corns with vegetables

Whether you are cooking the vegetables in lots of masala or merely stir frying them in minimum oil, adding some corn kernels to the mix will enhance the flavor of the dish.

Steamed corn kernels

Too hungry but equally lazy to whip up an elaborate spread? Don’t worry!  Just boil some corns and drain out the water. Add a tiny (or big one if you like) spoon of butter. Make it more flavorful by squeezing some lemon juice over it or seasoning it with some chaat masala.

Make a spread

Be it a party or a small get together with friends and family, dips are usually loved by one and all. Corn kernels can be combined with a number of items to make tasty dips. Mix them with some mashed potatoes or serve with a mix of mayonnaise, cheese and dried herbs. Serve with chips, crackers or flavored bread.