Must Try Mimosa Recipe

Mimosa is an incredibly easy cocktail to make using one part of champagne and one part of citrus juice with orange being the all time favorite. Being low on alcohol and high on vitamin C, mimosa is a brunch favorite and usually served in a tall champagne flute. You can also substitute the citrus with pineapple (Pineapple and champagne is called a Soleil) or use a combination of orange and pineapple with champagne to create a blushing mimosa with tropical flavors. 

An interesting variation is using grape fruit to create a similar drink called megmosa. Bucks Fizz is another similar drink made with 2 parts of champagne and 1 part of orange juice. You can also make a Poinsettia where champagne meets cranberry juice, along with a touch of Cointreau.

  • 60 ml chilled sparking wine or champagne (substitute with sparkling grape juice to create a mocktail)
  • 60 ml chilled orange juice

  • Add the orange juice to a champagne flute.
  • Fill with sparkling wine/champagne

To add a little complexity to this exceedingly simple drink you can add a teaspoon of orange liqueur or a dash of orange bitters.