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The Japanese welcome the spring with a beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival that finds revelers lining the streets to catch glimpses of beautiful blooms that cast an intoxicating spell all over. Friends & family meet & celebrate with food. Special Hanami Bento boxes are shared as the spring parties go on from lunch time till late in the night.

This year, The Leela Mumbai celebrates the spirit of Cherry Blossom Festival by offering guests a specially crafted menu that serves signature Japanese dishes & beverages. Guests can choose from  exotic vegetarian & non vegetarian main course delicacies like Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, Yakimeshi, Katsu Curry & more. The ones that prefer small eats can choose lip smacking favorites like Agedashi Tofu, Yasai Itame, Negima Yakitori or a selection of rolls like Vegetable Tempura Roll, Avocado/Crazy Shrimp cream cheese Roll & more.

We entered the all day dining restaurant, Citrus & settled down to enjoy some Sake (Japanese rice wine). If you prefer whiskey, enjoy select Japanese whiskey with your meal during the Cherry Blossom Festival. We started with Crispy Asparagus- asparagus coated in rice crackers and deep fried & Buta Shogayaki- tender pork slices sautéed with a flavorful & mild ginger soy sauce. The asparagus is a must try starter if you want to enjoy a vegetarian flavor.

No Japanese meal is complete without tasting delicious sushi rolls. Sushi is the most popular dish outside of Japan prepared using vinegared rice (shari) combined with other ingredients such as raw seafood (neta), vegetables, and tropical fruits. To know all about sushi, you can take a look at our article here. We tried Rainbow Roll- an assorted roll platter made with salmon, avocado, unagi (eel), tuna & more. A good choice as it offers a great variety in a single platter! Vegeterians will love Vegetable Tempura Roll- made with thin strips of vegetables like onion, carrots & leeks deep fried & rolled with rice & nori sheet.

For the main course we settled for a perfect bowl of Ramen- a perfect & meticulous combination of many ingredients in a bowl. Shoyu Ramen made with ramen noodles cooked in pork & soya base stock served with boiled egg & pork rind was one powerful combination. Yakimeshi (Japanese fried rice) usually made with meat, egg & vegetables was presented in a vegetarian version by the Chef & tasted equally delicious. Enjoy the fried rice with bowl of hot Miso soup for a hearty meal.

The specially crafted new menu also features the classic Bento Box. Take your pick from the vegetarian (priced at INR 1350/-) & non-vegetarian (priced at INR 1650/-) options.

The Leela Mumbai
Andheri Kurla Road,
Andheri East,

Till- April 30th, 2017

Call# 022 6691 1359/60


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