Mohanthal Recipe- Step by Step Recipe With Pictures

Across Gujarati & Rajasthani homes, Diwali binge eating celebrations are incomplete without a  golden hued gram-flour fudge called "Mohanthal". Moreover, this crumbly, sweet fudge is easy to make with a bit of patience and oodles of love. Besides, mohanthal is also offered to deities as Prasad or offering. 

The trick to making a delicious mohanthal lies in constantly stirring the mix over a controlled medium flame. Let's look at this step by step mohanthal recipe with khoya that's easy to follow.


Gram flour (coarsely powdered)- 250 gms
Ghee- 200 gms
Sugar- 200 gms
Khoya/mawa- 100 gms
Milk- 100 ml
8 to 10 powdered elaichi
A few strands of saffron
Powdered pistachios for garnish

Time taken: approx 1 hour


Heat ghee is a heavy in a heavy bottom pan. Slowly add the gram flour while stirring constantly.

Next, stir the mix till it blends well. Add milk & keep stirring continuously till the mix becomes a light golden brown. This will take approximately 15-20 min.

Further. add khoya, mix & stir again for 10-15 min.

Remove from heat & allow the mix to cool.

Meanwhile, make sugar syrup with sugar & water of one thread consistency.

Next, add the mix to sugar syrup & combine well. Moreover, keep cooking the mix over low medium flame till it combines well.

Further, grease a thali/tray with ghee & pour the mix evenly.

If you want to make this mohanthal recipe with jaggery, replace sugar quantity with powdered jaggery

Cut into cubes once set & garnish with powdered pistachios.


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