Popular Summer Delights

As the mercury soars  here are some Popular Summer Delights to keep you cool and hydrated this summer.

When we talk about smoothies the first thing which comes to our mind is personalization. Choose a tasty base such as milk or fresh juices, build it up with protein such as yogurt, add a flavor boost such as honey, pack some vitamins such as spinach, cucumber, celery and finally whirl it up with the frozen fruit of your choice. Awesome!!! An endless list of recipes is available to choose from and depending on your taste – you can go the healthy way or some sinful indulgence :)

Virgin Mojito:
A Virgin Mojito is super refreshing in the summers and also super easy to prepare with easily available ingredients in the kitchen (mint, sugar, lot of ice and club soda). You can create a twist with sprite, ginger ale, sparkling apple juice or grenadine instead of club soda for a different flavor but the same fizz.

Fresh Melon Quenchers:
Take fresh melon, puree it and then blend with ice and sparkling water to make a refreshing summer drink. For creaminess add some yogurt and make it look pretty by garnishing with a skewer of fresh fruits.

Watermelon Punch:
When you see watermelon stacked up in pyramidal fashion by roadside fruit vendors, you know its summer. Yes in fact watermelon probably screams summer the best. Scoop out the wonderful pulp (the burst of color sure brings lot of delight on a hot summer day), blend it and then combine with grape juice, lime juice, sugar, mint, and club soda for a revitalizing punch.

Summer Fruit Mocktail:
Cool your spirits this summer with some awesome summer fruit mocktails such as strawberry margarita, Green apple and pineapple Mojito. You can practically make a great mocktail out of any fruit based cocktail recipe minus the alcohol and believe us, the taste is equally satisfying. Just think of these as colorful alternatives to the usual affair and raise your glasses to welcome the summer.

Ice Tea:
This is a classic and favorite summer sipper world over and while most folks don’t like any variation in their regional recipe (for us mainly lemon and peach), you could experiment with some flavors and ingredient such as minty iced green tea, spiced ice tea with cloves and cinnamon, herbal ice teas to name a few. 

Squash makes us nostalgic as we waited eagerly for the bottle to be pulled out during summers of the late eighties. Every relative we visited would serve squash in the summers. The pineapple squash from kissan brings back fond memories of our childhood where we played games for hours before guzzling down ice cold pineapple squash and end it with a long ahhhh. You can choose from a long list of flavors available in the markets or make your own with fresh seasonal produce. Squash is also a popular ingredient in mocktail recipes and you can serve up some colorful options during summer parties.