Lounge Review: Olive Bistro at Goregaon, Mumbai

Having danced away many nights at Olive Bar and Kitchen; Khar and enjoyed scrumptious brunches at the Mahalakshmi counterpart, the announcement of a new outlet inside the bustling Oberoi mall, left us curious. So we decided to check it out. Because when good food beckons a foodie follows (didn’t we just make up a quote here?)

Located on the top floor of the mall, the quaint and colorful entrance of Olive Bistro welcomes with a cheery vibe. Step inside and one notices a black matador standing proudly just behind the hostess station that shall soon start serving pizzas.

The Entrance
Black Matador at Olive Bistro, Goregaon

We started grooving to the foot tapping music immediately and made a mental note to try out the brightly lit jukebox. The seating is a mix and match of heavy wooden chairs, comfy sofas and high chairs (if planning to sit long avoid these). The bar occupies one end of the bistro and we saw a few patrons indulged in easy banter with the bartender (a good spot for a quick post work drink). The community table set up charmed us with watering cans and assorted garden knick-knacks dangling from a mesh arrangement on the ceiling. We looked around and saw a beautiful bone-china crockery chandelier, retro paintings, roosters and mirrors- very different and yet all coming together to exude a comfortable chic vibe.

The Beautifully Set Community Table at Olive Bistro, Goregaon

We chose a plush sofa (good view of the mall with due to the glass facade) and sat down with the menu that boasted of breakfast dishes till 6 pm, appetizers, wholesome sandwiches & burgers, main course and select desserts. But first things first, we ordered a Kappitini – a delicious cocktail made with vodka, espresso & hazelnut syrup that balances the sharp espresso taste and OB Mojito twist- a refreshing rum based cocktail made with grape/raw mango/coconut …we chose the raw mango version and loved the play of sweet & sour on our taste buds. The signature cocktails arrived with homemade bread served on a rustic wooden platter that we secretly wished we could take home :)

Kappitini Cocktail

Home Style Bread at Olive Bistro, Goregaon

For appetizers we tried Pork Ribs (glazed with barbecue sauce and grilled- a classic recipe) and Grilled Lemon Garlic Prawns On Skewers (fresh and juicy prawns grilled to perfection and served with pomegranate dip).

Grilled Lemon Garlic Prawns On Skewers at Olive Bistro, Goregaon

Do try the OB Falafel & Mezze Platter – dip crispy falafel and fresh pita bread in flavorful tzatziki, babaganoush, tzatziki and think of that Mediterranean getaway you always craved for.

OB Falafel & Mezze Platter at Olive Bistro, Goregaon

For the mains we chose Three Tomato Risotto (sundried tomatoes & ricotta cheese elevated the taste), Wild Green and Mushroom Lasagna (pasta sheets baked with mushrooms & house made tomato sauce served with salad on the side) & Spaghetti Lamb Bolognaise (average).

Wild Green and Mushroom Lasagna at Olive Bistro, Goregaon

For desserts we tried OB’s Signature Profiteroles – choux pastry filled with chocolate ice cream and drizzled with hazelnut and chocolate sauce and Coconut Pannacota- creamy, cold and topped with honeycomb crumbs- both go in our must-have list!

OB’s Profiteroles

Coconut Pannacota at Olive Bistro, Goregaon


Fun and modern, Olive Bistro at Goregaon serves food that tastes as good as it looks. The prices are easy on the pocket and the place is large group friendly. Potent cocktails, a cool vibe and good-looking food are a big plus and we are definitely coming back for those Profiteroles.

What You Pay For a Meal For Two - INR 1800/- plus taxes approx.

Timings - 11 am till 12 pm.

Address # Olive Bistro, Oberoi Mall, Film City Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai

Call # 022 40030044


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