10 Under Rs. 500 Eating Joints in Delhi NCR

You may be a teenager, college goer, a homemaker or even an office-going white-collared executive, but you won’t be able to resist an offer which says—excellent food to your fill (well, for an average appetite) in a budget that won’t give you a heartburn!

Rejoice dear friends! Today Wicked Spoon Confessions is bringing out a list of some of the most popular joints in Delhi and Gurgaon where you can eat to your heart’s content without shelling out more than 500 bucks! Yes, you heard (read?) that right!

Well, without much ado, let’s dig into this yummy sounding list.

1.    Wah Ji Wah, Various Locations in New Delhi: 

Ji haan, it actually deserves a wah wah! Soyabean dishes have existed in North India (including Delhi) since a long time. However, lately Wah Ji Wah chain of outlets, spread across various parts of Delhi city, probably has revolutionized the eating preferences of dilliwalas and popularized a variety of soya dishes amongst them. A pure vegetarian chain, at Wah Ji Wah, you have numerous options to select from their exhaustive menu offering snacks and main course. Note that the menu offers regular items like Paneer and Dal etc. too. Since the success of Wah Ji Wah, many eateries dishing out soya delicacies have cropped up, but there’s nothing that beats the original.

We recommend ordering Achari Chaap, Afghani Chaap, Stuffed Chaap in starters and Tawa Chaap Masala, Chaap Lababdaar and Tawa Tikka Masala in main course.

Average cost for two: Rs. 350/-

Image used for representation only - Source: Flickr Creative Commons (Nadir Hashmi)

2.    Rajinder Da Dhaba, Safdarjung Enclave: 

If are a Delhiite and do not know about Rajinder Da Dhaba, you should better brush up your knowledge on culinary history of Delhi. Rajinder Da Dhaba has been there on the food circuit of Delhi since 1968 and is a legend in its own sense. The restaurant situated at Safdarjung Enclave in New Delhi is flocked by patrons from all around the NCR. The brand has a fine dining restaurant by its original name and just outside the restaurant is its eat-out or takeaway outlet by the name of RDX, short for Rajinder Dhaba Express and this what we are interested in :)

At RDX, you can get a good helping in a small budget and for the non-vegetarians, we would suggest starting with their special chicken satay and chicken tangri. For the main course, you can order two portions of their famous rich-in-flavours chicken curry—all this under Rs. 500/-.

Average cost for two: Rs. 500/-

Image used for representation only Credit: Sean Carter, Source: Flickr

3.    Big Yellow Door, Vijay Nagar (near North Campus): 

Due to the strong presence of college-goers, North campus and its surrounding areas have become a hub for casual eating joints and cafes. One such joint that has an interesting menu and reasonable prices is the Big Yellow Door. Everything from the décor, menu, and prices are targeted towards groups of friends looking out for a fun day over casual chit chat. The ambience is chic, food is delicious and prices are reasonable—and that’s what matters most! The sitting is limited but the patronage is high, and therefore, the waiting time is ideally around half hour during lunch hours. The restaurant offers a variety of fast food, café food and Italian food to its patrons. The recommended dishes include BYD Cheese Bomb burger, Hawaiian pizza, Greek Salad and Chocolate Oreo shake.

Average cost for two: Rs. 500/-

Image used for representation only

4.    Mukesh Dhaba/Convergys Dhaba, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon: 

Don’t scratch your head—the famous multinational Convergys has not opened a dhaba or a shack. Mukesh Dhaba in Gurgaon is also popularly known as Convergys dhaba because of its close proximity to the Convergys office in DLF Cyber City. This dhaba/shack is open throughout the night and is a saviour for many looking out to fill their stomachs after a night of partying hard in Gurgaon or after a long evening shift. Don’t expect anything on the ambience part. It is just a shack, but a very popular one at that. The only thing you should go there for is food (at any time of the day or night). The menu boasts of a long list of paranthas like keema parantha, chicken parantha, egg parantha and many more, and all sell like hot cakes. There are many other dishes on the menu, and you can go for a full meal  consisting of vegetarian dishes like Chilli Paneer/Paneer Tikka Masala, Dal Makhani and non-vegetarian dishes like Chicken Do Pyaza, Kadhai Chicken etc.

Average cost for two: Rs. 400/-

Image used for representation only - Source: Flickr Creative Commons (Nadir Hashmi)

5.    Prabhu Chaat Bhandaar (UPSC Chaat Wala): 

Located in Khan Market is this roadside chaat shop more popularly known as UPSC chaat wala because of its proximity to the UPSC building. Aspirants visiting the UPSC office make it a point to visit this chaat shop for the ever popular aloo tikki, bhalla papdi, and gol gappe. In fact, this shop is so popular that it also found a place in our listing of Top 5 Chaat Houses in Delhi . After a round of these chaat items, the patrons can end their gluttony session with something for their sweet tooth too. Prabhu Chaat Bhandaar serves awesome and very popular pista kulfi and falooda . Oh, forgot to bring too much cash? Don’t worry, the average cost for two here would just be a meagre Rs. 150/- to Rs. 200/- :)

Image used for representation only - Courtesy www.vishwagujarat.com

6.    Angels in My Kitchen, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon: 

How many times does it happen that we are short on cash but hungry like hell? Well, don’t worry because the hungry like hell feeling can be subsided by Angels in My Kitchen. This fast food outlet in the busy cyber hub complex is mostly occupied with office crowd looking out for some budget fillers. The outlet is also famous for its bakery items like rich cakes, pastries and various desserts. You can have a light breakfast or a sumptuous lunch here at decent prices. The menu offers delights like pineapple gateau, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, cheese cake, mushroom onion quiche, paneer tikka sandwich, veg patty, lamb quiche, mince chicken patty to name a few!. Just to give you an idea of the pricing, a lamb quiche would cost you a paltry Rs. 90/- and a special veg patty would be for Rs. 55/-.

Average cost for two: Rs. 300/-

Image used for representation only

7.    Sita Ram Diwan Chand, Paharganj, New Delhi: 

Nestled in the lanes of Paharganj in Chuna Mandi near Imperial cinema hall, this legend of a shop boasts of being a specialist in the dish that’s unofficially the king of street food–Chole Bhature (Chana Bhature for some). And why not? Sita Ram Diwan Chand has been dishing out hot and fluffy chole bhature since many donkey years now. The place doesn’t offer a great ambience and has just a regular seating layout. However, you won’t notice that once you have the chole bhature on your table as they may be the best chole bhature that you would have in Delhi! Of course, you must be curious to know about the price of the dish too. Well, hold your breath—you would just need to dish out Rs. 45/- for a plate of chole bhature! The place is frequented by movie stars, cricketers and industrialists alike!

Average cost for two: Rs. 100/-

Image used for representation only - Source: Flickr Creative Commons (Nadir Hashmi)

8.    34, Chowringhee Lane, Satya Niketan, New Delhi: 

Just like how Wah ji Wah popularized soyabean delicacies amongst Delhiities, it won’t be wrong if we say that 34, Chowringhee Lane popularized kathi rolls amongst the youngsters and adults alike. Probably named after Chowringhee Lane, the eat street of Kolkata, the variety of rolls available at this outlet are all irresistible. Go for egg roll, paneer roll, chicken roll, kali mirch chicken roll, mutton seekh roll and more. There are multiple outlets of 34, Chowringhee Lane now, but the original and most popular is the one at Satya Niketan, South Campus.

Average cost for two: Rs. 300/-

Image used for representation only

9.    Sarvana Bhawan, Janpath, New Delhi: 

Situated in the heart of the city, Connaught Place (CP), Sarvana Bhawan is the place you would want to go for delicious and authentic south indian food. Open from 8 AM to 11 PM, this is a two-floor AC restaurant with branches all over the world. The ambience is nice and is a family restaurant. The service is good and although there is ample seating in the restaurant, it’s usually full during weekends and you may end up waiting for around 15 to 30 minutes outside the restaurant. At the restaurant, you can select from an exhaustive menu. Our recommendations include curd vadai (salted) for starters, butter masala dosai, and dry fruits rava dosai.

Image used for representation only

10.    Rahul Eggs, Lawrence Road, New Delhi: 

Eggs? What’s so special in that, you must be thinking! Well, the special thing is that this outlet selling eggs has around 350 varieties of egg-based dishes, with some omelettes’ prices reaching around Rs. 160/-. However, that is cheap considering the experience of eating such experience. An average seating layout doesn’t stop teenagers and youngsters from thronging the outlet, especially during cold winter evenings. The list of dishes offered include Kababi Jalandhari, Paneer Cheese Omelette, fat free omelette, rice omelette and many many more!

Average price for two: Rs. 300/-

Image used for representation only

We bet, by now you must be craving some of this mouth-watering food. Just head to swiggy.com  to order delectable food from your neighborhood restaurants in the cosy comfort of your homes! Enjoy :) 


  1. Sarvanna my fav any time... And u bet on the melting soya chaap of Wah ji wah... Can give my right arm for it any day

  2. Im already feeling Hungary.... Damn gud

  3. SarvAna my all time fav

  4. Rajinder and Sarvana....the hot spots! have eaten numerous paranthas at convergys dhaba after midnight binging! Rahul eggs would be my next target ;) thanks for sharing :)

  5. I've been to most of these outlets, and i've heard about the rest of these; it's a nice compilation; my personal favorites would always be UPSC ki chaat and the rolls at Satya Niketan; also, Rahul Eggs Corner has been on my to-do list for long now; will surely visit it someday


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