To 5 Tips For Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

You have painstakingly learnt new recipes, bought shiny new dinnerware and for once applauded the huge oven that takes too much space in your kitchen. Moreover, a special occasion is coming and you can’t wait to host a delectable dinner and soak in the praise your friends shall shower on your culinary skills. As a matter of fact, you plan to give hiccups to a masterchef. But doubts creep in as the time comes nearer- do you have the perfect dinner party ideas? Also, how do you host a dinner party in a small apartment! What if early guests catch you while you are still making your starters or the flowers start wilting before the first guests arrive? Although the task itself is daunting, the answer lies in the finer details. 

We list top 5 tips for hosting the perfect dinner party:

1. Send Personalized Invites: 

Make your guests feel extra special with personalized invites. Think of a theme well ahead of time and choose an invite that matches the overall theme. Cute little invites in shape of a champagne flute with wacky quotes are a good choice. Write a personal note with a sneak peek into the fun games planned and ensure a full house for your New Year dinner.

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2. Create a rocking Playlist:

Music is a universal icebreaker and conversation starter. As a matter of fact, if you have invited a mixed group of people who might be meeting one another for the first time, music shall bring them together in easy banter. Choose a good mix keeping the profile of your guests in mind and start with easy numbers that are pleasant to hear in the background. Keep multiple playlists ready in case guests are in a different mood that evening. However, you don’t want foot-tapping numbers as soon as the first guest arrives. Increase the tempo slowly and ensure there is some rocking music till the last goodbyes are exchanged.

3. Plan a Balanced Menu

Carry forward the idea of a theme to your menu too. Resist the urge of rustling up complicated dishes that you might be cooking for the first time or your guests would find hard to pronounce. If you are looking to answer the question, "What should I make for a dinner party?" take a look at your guest list closely. Imagine them trying to praise your Boeuf bourguignon (pronounced as BOOF boor-gee-NYON) a classic French dish of meat braised in red wine and onions, and topped with sautéed mushrooms. 

Also do not mix and match too much- no one wants to try Japanese, Thai, Chinese or Indian cuisine all at one go!! Cook something you are confident of making and you will enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand. Furthermore, bite sized finger food served in a large platter that can be passed around is a good idea for appetizers. For the mains try serving individual portions with extra gravy bowl kept in the center. Make a little extra food, dealing with leftovers will not be as daunting as having guests leave your party hungry. Also, make arrangements for enough ice- no one wants to run out of ice when the party is in full swing.

4. Serve In Style

There is solid proof that “The best conversations are had at dinner tables surrounded by friends and family”. And while you are enjoying a beautiful evening serving delectable food, do so in style! Crisp ironed linen arranged attractively around your best China will set the mood. Moreover, arrange a lovely centerpiece- flowers, candles, seasonal fruits or anything that catches your fancy that will look beautiful without engaging a lot of your time and energy is a good bet. Do not ever use plastic or disposable tableware, go ahead and show off that beautiful set passed down by your elders as your wedding gift :)

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5. Focus On Your Kitchen

Lots of guests will pop into your kitchen looking for food or ice and to have a quick word with you. Your kitchen is your pride and should look clean and organized. 

Additionally, keep the counter top clutter free and keep cutlery reachable. It also helps to store dinnerware in order of it's usage. This will help guests find dinner ware & cutlery easily without rummaging through multiple drawers.  

Try using these easy tips to organize your kitchen space effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Turn into a party ninja with these easy tips for hosting a perfect dinner party.


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