The Ultimate Kitchen Essentials Checklist & Kitchen Must Haves For Every Home

Kitchen is the heart of every household. Scrumptious food served hot from this heart is what makes house a home. Additionally, it may be a playground for some and war zone for many. Furthermore, kitchen have three main areas- cooking, storing & washing area. Moreover, often a complete year's supply of grains, pulses, condiments, spices are stocked in Indian kitchens. Also, a kitchen may have an array of useful and plentiful gadgets, contraptions, utensils. Indian kitchens are an amalgamation of cultural diversity and modernity. Keeping that in mind we have come up with the ultimate kitchen essentials checklist that features kitchen must haves for every home. 

1. Microwave

In this multi-tasking-tech-savvy era we are in a race against time to run errands and chores. Hence, a microwave is a must have for every modern household. It not only speeds up re-heating but saves reasonable cooking time too. 

In addition, present day microwaves have inbuilt grill and convection (baking) function, which saves us from an additional investment on an oven toaster griller (OTG). Further, this genie is for sure the numero uno in our must have kitchen appliances list! 

2. Knives

A set of sharp blades is definitely a prime requisite for any kitchen. Apart from saving your chopping time, they ensure that you don’t miss to flaunt your culinary capabilities. Besides, there are various types of knives/knife sets available in the market and even on online shopping sites. 

Also, with such an array of shapes and sizes available for different purposes (like bread knife, steak knife, paring knife, carving  knife etc.), pick the ones that suit your requirement. Above all, we recommend that you invest in a good set which does not corrode or rusts. 

3. Hand-Blender

Hand blenders are portable and handy mini mixers. Imagine making a smoothie in a glass or mashing baby food or whisking egg in a bowl, all with your hands. Also, most of us deter using a mixer-grinder for one reason--the number of messy attachments left in the sink to wash. As a matter of fact, a hand blender frees you from all these problems and simplifies many tasks in the kitchen. Working women/ bachelor pads/ joint families--this diminutive is a definite yes! 

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4. Kitchen Scales

This is a wise investment in the kitchen, especially for cooking/baking enthusiasts and weight watchers. To ensure precision in that recipe you wanted to try, a good weighing scale will take care of those measuring faux pas that you commit so often. Indeed, it will also help you weigh the honesty of the delivery guy from your corner provisions shop or your vegetable vendor. Search for them online  for a good buy.

5. Measuring cups and spoons

Cooking is no rocket science provided you are armed with the right kind of devices. Measuring cups and spoons are one time investment for any kitchen. Furthermore, they ensure consistency and precision. 

Additionally, they enable to measure dry and wet ingredients accurately. These measuring cups and spoons come in different shapes and sizes and in plastic or metal. We suggest buying a sturdy set which lasts you a lifetime. I inherited my mother’s! :) Though available at leading home stores, one can even get them online.
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6. Wok

A wok is a shallower version of our very own karahi. A wok is one extremely versatile utensil that can be used for stirring, braising, poaching and steaming. Don’t miss to team it with long ladle/spoon for stirring, unless you want to brag about that scorch on your hand. One can pick good cast iron or non-stick woks online or at home store outlets. You can also visit a leading home store appliance sections for the purchase. A great addition to your list of kitchen utensils.

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7. Stew Pot

A stew pot is a modern, stylish and wise kitchen procurement. Modern day designer stew pots add an extra bit of dynamism in the kitchen, as there is a wide range to choose—from hard-coat anodized stainless steel to ceramic or stoneware. Moreover, you can take it straight from the hob to your dining table! It sure is a stand out for any kitchen.

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8. Water Purifier

We all are aware of the polluted water that runs through our municipality taps and the deadly water-borne germs or chemicals it is infected with. Since, our water distribution centers are not well equipped to completely remove these harmful traces, it’s a must for every household to have own water-purification system. 

With this in mind, water purifiers of today are armed with inbuilt system to treat these hazardous contaminants, thereby, making water safe for consumption. Hence, for the health of the entire family, this smart product is a definite yes. 

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9. Induction plate or Cooktops

These are a boon to anyone working in a kitchen. These cooking alternatives are faster, cleaner and energy-saving and efficient devices. Moreover, they reduce the risk of fire, since they do not use PNG (Petroleum Natural Gas) or LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), so there is no fear of gas leakage or cylinder troubles. They give good and precise control over heating. Now, no more of that loathsome greasy cleaning…phew! 

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10. Rice cooker

No Indian meal is complete without rice, and making rice, though not a cumbersome job, requires lot of precision and handling.  A rice cooker helps make fluffy soft cottony rice without much effort. Rice cookers come in smart shapes and capacity to choose from. Not to miss, most models provide you option to steam your own dim sums and vegetables too. For easy & delicious rice recipes, look here

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So that’s about it! Our top kitchen must haves are not to be missed, but we are sure you too have your own kitchen essential checklist. Do post us with what has not found a spot here or what else would u like to add. Till then happy cooking!


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