5 Ways to have a Foodie Fun-filled Friendship Day

"Good friend are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget". Friends are fundamental to our lives. Remember those days in school or college when you best friend did not turn up? it felt like all the fun element had been squeezed out of the world.

Well its that day of the year when you get the opportunity to tell your best friends you care, so seize the opportunity and have a very special Friendship Day celebration to make your friends realize how special they are.

Wicked Spoon Confessions lists 5 Ways to have a Foodie Fun-filled Friendship Day:

1. Get nostalgic by going through your favorite pics together. Don't forget some lip smacking food for the occasion and be sure to laugh your heart out remembering those funny moments and take more pictures to remember the next time.

2. Pay a visit to your School or College and re-live golden days of your life by hanging out at your favorite place - talk, talk and more talk.

Image courtesy of  Fickr - Creative Commons

3. Go on a food trail to your favorite food joints. Don't forget to click some fun selfies while your savour some tasty vada pav, chat, misal, sandwiches.

4. Arrange a Party with a Funky Dress Code and a theme like Blast from the Past. Best Food, Best Music and Best Friends - it doesn't get better

5. Enjoy a movie together - with Samosa and Popcorn to add to the fun

Irrespective of the type of celebration, it is the spirit of friendship and togetherness that will make your Friendship Day a day to cherish and remember. So what are you waiting for. Pick up the phone and some good food and call your friend. Jay and Viru wouldn't agree any more.