Swiggy Food Delivery App comes to Mumbai

My stomach growled in protest of my silence. It was Monday, my first day at a new workplace- a fast paced IT company. After the initial orientation with the human resource division, I was invited to see my new desk close to the lunchtime. My cubicle boasted of a shiny new laptop, phone, personalized bookshelf and a beanbag. But the usual chatter of my colleagues, especially during lunch, was missing. I was excited and a bit nervous. New beginnings always come with mixed feelings. At my earlier workplace, the lunch hour was reserved for bonding over scrumptious food. I loved trying new places and was popular due to my food choices. But this was a new place; I still had to make friends.

I took a swig of water to calm my hunger pangs and remembered something. Last week, while talking about food (yes, my favorite topic) a friend had mentioned a new food delivery app- Swiggy. He was visiting me from Bengaluru and had used the app to order some delicious meals during the lunch hour. Oh, how he boasted that he was the most popular guy at his office that week:) I had overheard some chatter on social media too about Swiggy that had spiked my interest…they had announced the entry in Mumbai by offering our favorite food – Vada pav at just Rupee 1…wow!!!! Now that’s a royal treat for a true Mumbaikar,

Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I opened the app to browse through the various options. The app zeroed on my location- near the Mumbai airport in a matter of seconds and a lot of restaurants popped up on my smartphone screen. The interface was visual, neat and listed the name of restaurant, type of cuisine served, cost for two people and the delivery time…very helpful parameters to make a good foodie choice. In a few minutes, I knew names of more restaurants than anyone. I picked Subway (nothing like to start the first day at work with a healthy choice) and saw neat categories like- deals, salads, sandwiches, desserts and extras. I chose a healthy salad and a pack of cookies for tea time…I knew by then I would have made new friends and nothing like getting to know colleagues over a cup of tea and choco chip cookies. After placing the order, I started live tracking the order and saw that it was on its way….YAY.

My desk phone chimed to announce the arrival of my meal in 30 minutes. A smart delivery executive greeted me and handed over my parcel. As it was lunchtime, a couple of dabawalas had arrived to hand over tiffins to a few colleagues. Ria, my colleague invited me to join her at the busy cafeteria. In a matter of minutes, I joined the friendly banter around the lunch table and heard a whoop of delight from Ria. In her dabba, was a box of handmade chocolates sent by none other than Swiggy- announcing their arrival in the Maximum City. Everyone was delighted at the gifted sugar rush and I stepped into the conversation to announce that I had, in fact tried the app today. That day the conversation revolved around my favorite topic- food and I quickly became a part of a small family at work.

I remembered a time in the past, when a pizza ordered during a T 20 match arrived cold and after an hour spoiling my mood. Swiggy’s efficient delivery fleet not only delivered food to me that day but also helped me make new friends. :) As they say that the best of friends and conversations are made gathered around a table full of food!