Recipe of Happiness: Chocolate Cake Milkshake Shooters

My phone chimed and flashed the name of my favorite niece- Rashi on the screen. I picked up the phone and Rashi blurted excitedly that she would be visiting me soon for a few days. Overjoyed we starting making plans of visiting her favorite places and I hanged up mentally making notes of picking up a few things to make her comfortable. At 12, Rashi was a hyperactive girl child with boundless energy and fussy eating habits. Often my sister and I had long conversations about supplementing her diet with nutritious food that provides good health and awesome taste. I reached the supermarket and started the browsing shelves in search of tasty but nutritious food products- cereals, roasted snacks for evening hunger pangs and more and then realized- I should pick up some milk too. Growing children, specially the ones in their pre-teens should intake milk to meet their dietary need of calcium apart from other calcium rich food.

I browsed the shelves and came across Mother Dairy- Toned Milk packs. Now, I had heard a lot about the quality products made by Mother Dairy since 1974 from Ma and as a added bonus, the packs announced a price drop of Rs 2/- and from Rs 38/- to Rs 36/- per liter. Yay!! I picked up two packs my resolve now even stronger to make a fabulous dessert with milk- that looks gorgeous too...just like this....

Mother Dairy Toned Milk Packs.

But I had a thought. Rashi does not like drinking too much plain milk. So, I made a plan. Why not invite a few kids from my township and have a nice kiddie party? And make some yummy looking Chocolate Cake Milkshake Shooters for all of them? I wanted to make Rashi’s visit special. She has always shown interest in helping around the kitchen so I started thinking of a recipe where she could participate too.

Recipe to make chocolate cake milkshake shooters


  • 1-cup semi sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups Mother Dairy Toned milk + 1 cup for cake
  • 1 cup Vanilla Ice cream
  • Chocolate cake Mix of Choice
  • Shot glasses for serving.
  • Sprinklers for decoration

Make the chocolate cake as per instructions on the pack. Dissolve the chocolate chips on a double boiler and coat the rims of each shot glass with the molten chocolate and dip in sprinklers (I used desiccated coconut).

Shooter Glasses Decorated with Molten Chocolate

Place them in the freezer to set. When the cake cools down, blend milk, ice cream and cake on a slow speed in a blender. Take care to not blend too much. Chill the shake in the fridge. Pour in shot glasses and enjoy!!

How Cute Do These Shooters Look?

These delectable chocolate cake milkshake shooters were a big hit and Rashi couldn’t stop smiling!!!

Have you made any innovative recipes using milk lately? Why not make some for your family with Mother Dairy toned milk, now available at Rs 36/- per litre…. too good too less.


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