Review- Sunday Buffet at the Newly Opened JW Cafe at JW Sahar.

On a bright Sunday afternoon, we stepped into the opulent lobby of JW Sahar and looked around awestruck. Swarovski crystal chandeliers glistened as natural light poured into the high ceilinged lobby designed with metal and glass elements. We walked on the polished marble floor and paused at the entrance of JW Cafe to take a quick picture. We are happy we did that. Because afterwards we forget everything. Everything but happiness and a lingering pleasure that good food brings. We are talking about the much talked about Sunday brunch spread at the newly opened JW Café at JW Sahar. We had seen many pictures on our Instagram feed but nothing had prepared us for the celebrations that unravel every Sunday at JW Café. 

The newly opened JW Cafe at JW Sahar. 

All around us happy patrons sauntered around drool worthy food and then settling down to relish it with loved ones. We did too and that’s why we will now tell you our top 5 reasons to indulge at the JW Cafe:
The Study of Seafood section – If you love seafood, the variety at the JW Café is going to make your mouth water. Try choosing between King crabs from Alaska with meat so white and succulent, you want to eat them till you are full… lobsters and jumbo prawns- served cold with dips of choice or with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Done eating? Wait…  New Zealand mussels await you too. We told you first that the Study of Seafood would be rewarding. :-)

The succulent crabs await you at the JW Cafe.

Mussels- Want to try some? Head to JW Cafe

Say Cheese
- Want some exotic indulgence? Choose your favorite variety of cheese from the spread- Gouda, Brie, or Pecorino and take some olives, pate, crackers and crudités (vegetable sticks) and savor them. While you are at it pick some cured meats too, return to your table, kick your heels and dig in. Just like we did.

Say Cheese with exotic cheeses at JW Cafe

Cured Meats and Cheese- a delectable combination at JW Sahar

Live Counters
- The live counters at the café pan across Thai, Arabic, Indian, Japanese, Sri Lankan, Pizza and pastas, Indian gravies and chaat items and more…What we loved is that the authenticity of flavors in each section is assured by specialized chef. “License to Grill” section serves seafood like prawns, rawas, red snapper, grouper fish and chicken grilled with select spices
License to grill section at JW Sahar

“Arabic Counter” helmed by an Arabic chef tempts you with shawarma, falafel, fresh salads and mezze platters.

Live Arabic Counter at JW Cafe

“Thai Soup” counter has Chef Rungtiwa serve Asian soups in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. Fresh vegetables, meats, noodles in clear soup- a perfect start for any brunch.
Relish Some Hot Thai Soup at JW Cafe

At the “Sri Lankan” counter we had amazing Kottu roti made with chicken, vegetable and eggs-do try it.

The Sri Lankan Counter at JW Cafe

The  “Sushi” counter and “Waffle” counter that claims best waffles in Mumbai are a must try too.

Live Sushi Counter at JW Cafe
Best Waffles in town at JW Cafe

If you are still hungry the ‘Roast” section serves perfectly browned and roasted lamb and other meats. There is a pizza and pasta counter if you want to indulge. The Indian Chaat counter shall tickle your taste buds with the fabulous play of sweet, sour and spicy farsans.
Live Pizza and Pasta Counter at JW Cafe.
Delectable Chaat Counter at JW Cafe
Inside Tip- Want to eat them all, wear loose pants, just like we did. 
Desserts-  They look so good, I wish I can take some home with me” whispered someone at the desserts counter. We wished we could too. The dessert spread has treats like fresh donuts, churros, cheesecakes, pastries, brownies….just about anything that can make you go weak in the knees. Before you jump up and down gleefully, we would like to add that there are toppings for desserts too- jellybeans, jujubes, sprinklers, marshmallows….and ice cream and Indian mithai. “Let me have just one” said no one ever at this counter at JW Sahar.

Amazing Desserts at JW Cafe 
Child Friendly so children can have fun too- A sneak peek outside the JW Sahar reveals happy children playing games and indulging in fun activities so mommy and daddy can have some heartfelt conversations too. Dedicated staff members overlook the children and happy children hop back to their tables replenish energy levels and eat with their parents in between games. With the onset of summer holidays, JW Sahar surely has given a thought about their little patrons too. Nice :-)

Play Area for Kids at JW Cafe
We recommend you to try the buffet at JW Sahar over good food and heartfelt conversations with a loved one. As Luciano Pavarotti once said- One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” Go on, listen to him. We were always told to listen to wise men. 

JW Sahar, IA Project Road, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400099

Call# 022 33956232

What You Pay for a Meal for Two- INR 2015/- plus taxes per person including soft beverages.