Enjoy Tropicana Slice Alphonso - The King of Mangoes in a bottle

Go on and admit it. We love mangoes. We love them so much that secretly, we look forward to the scorching summers to welcome the lush, golden and delicious- Mango, the food of Gods. And we all have a wonderful mango memory that surfaces every time the sweet tropical aroma of mangoes announce the arrival of happy times. In summers, after a long day at work we often cut open a juicy and delicious mango and escape to an imaginary tropical island, blissful no? Apart from being tasty mangoes are loaded with goodness- vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants too.  

Alphonso Mangoes

Our love for the King of Fruit started in our childhood days and over the years we have eaten a variety of mangoes. Some were bought from the market after bargaining with the vendor, a few plucked fresh from a tree during summer vacations and the best ones…… were stolen from a neighbor’s garden . India produces a huge variety of this tropical fruit and we list the 10 popular varieties of mangoes we have enjoyed. So sit back, relax and read our list as you rustle up your own mango memory from your childhood days. 
  1. Alphonso - known as the “King of Mangoes” with sharp sweet notes and a rich tender texture, Alphonso tops our list. We remember travelling many a distance to secure dozens of this variety and then relishing “Aamras” with hot pooris every Sunday fro lunch- A Gujrati’s stairway to heaven: D
  2. Kesar - Known for its long shelf life and unique flavours, Kesar is mostly produced in Gujarat, Pune and Aurangabad. One can make amazing Aamras with Kesar.
  3. Baiganpally or Badami - Grown in Andhra Pradesh and other Southern states, Badami is a favorite because of its thin skin and meaty texture.
  4. Langra - Don’t let the name trick you, this mango is high on taste and low on prices.
  5. Chausa - Take a Chausa (literally it translates to sucker) and suck on it till the last heavenly drop of nectar is consumed leaving behind a white seed. The best way to have it.
  6. Safeda - Juicy and sweet, this mango is in demand globally too.
  7. Dashehari - It comes from a small town called Dussehri in Lucknow and is one of the leading mango varieties of North India.
  8. Totapuri - Known as common man’s mango- Totapuri yields good pulp.
  9. Neelam - Cultivated in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu in Orissa, this mango arrives just before monsoons.
  10. Payari - This is one elusive mango variety. Available for short duration, we Gujratis love to make huge quantities of Aamras with it and dazzling our guests.

Neelam Mangoes
Ah, but the king of fruits is only available in summers- April till the onset of monsoons. So, what if we told you that now we can enjoy our favorite Alphonso mangoes throughout the year?? Did we hear you crying out in joy??
Yes, we just heard that “Tropicana Slice” has recently launched its exclusive flavor ‘Tropicana Slice Alphonso’’ made with handpicked Alphonso mangoes, sourced from the sun kissed orchards of Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. We tried it and loved the smooth texture, the consistency- not too thick or too runny, the sensuous aroma, the golden color and the perfect taste of Alphonso mangoes in a bottle.

Our secret mango wish has come true. No waiting to savor mangoes- buy a bottle of Tropicana Slice Alphonso, twist the cap and drink to enjoy a mouthful of summer anytime. You can make mocktails, pour it over vanilla ice cream, whisk with yogurt to make mango lassi and a lot more and that too at a very affordable price of INR. 50/- per 600 ml bottle.
Available at a click of your fingers at Amazon you can send delectable mango goodness to your loved ones too.
Even Katrina Kaif is seen relishing this golden, juicy, aromatic and delectable mango drink made with Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri- the best variety of mango that can be found.
So what are your favorite varieties of mangoes? Like us do you have favorite mango memory? Do tell us in the comments section.

Badami Mangoes

Totapuri Mangoes


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  3. If mango is the king of fruits, then Alphonso might be the king of mangoes. Large in size and flavor, Alphonso displays bright yellow skin with creamy orange undertones. i loved the way explained above you can get the best alphonso mango on aamrai


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