10 Delectable ways to savor Mangoes

They say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” we say “When life gives you lemons throw it back and demand mangoes”. The sweet and enticing aroma of these golden colored juicy fruits tempt kids and adults to indulge. Every summer, I spent my vacations in a small town where our family had around 300 mango trees. Come summers we used to live in the magical land amidst mangoes. Our vacations were busy - climbing the mango trees, plucking mangoes, helping grandpa stock them in hay and newspaper, assisting granny with the pickling activities and in between discreetly suckling a few juicy mangoes.

Onset of summer raw mangoes took over our cuisine and soon ripe ones joined. There are many fun ways to enjoy mangoes and one can also make preserves, jams, pickles and more to relish them through the year. Summer brings the best crop of mangoes to our homes and how could we resist that!!! Wicked Spoon Confessions lists our top 10 ways to savor mangoes: 

Eat it as is – Raw mangoes are best eaten with lime, salt and chili powder. There are enumerable ways to devour the ripe ones – diced, sliced, scooped, mashed. Get your hand dirty, that’s where the fun lies. 

Pickled – A ritual enacted every summer - raw mangoes washed, cut, anointed with turmeric and salt and sun dried to make pickles of a chosen variety is our favorite. Every granny has their own recipe and like every mother claims her baby is the most beautiful so is the recipe for the pickles. Aavakaaya, a Southern pickle is a blast to taste buds. Mango Miskut, a Goan mango pickle eaten with rice water during rainy season can pep anyone’s mood. Not to forget the Punjabi Pickle with fennel, fenugreek and nigella seeds in mustard oil that add a zing to paranthas. One bite and you will be tickled from your taste buds to tippy toes.

Image Source -  Jagisnowjughead  - Creative Commons

Chunda – My very first mango jam - used to be an integral part of my lunch box. A classic Gujarati sweet and sour mango pickle with jam like consistency that is made with raw mangoes. Childhood tastes best…. you see.

Aam Panna - Raw mango pulp with sugar and assorted Indian spices. The sweet and tangy drink wards off heat strokes and quenches the summer thirst. A glassful of goodness.

Image Source - Namitakhaire - Creative Commons

Mambazha Pulissery- a famous Kerala dish made with ripe mango and yoghurt. It’s a lip-smacking dish when combined with boiled rice. We insist you try it.

Aam khatta dal – Tak dal or split peas cooked with raw mango in mustard oil along with assorted spices. A Bengali sweet and sour delight best when served chilled with plain rice. Lazy summer in a bowl anyone?

Mamidi Nuvvula Kura – This Hyderabadi mango sesame curry will tingle your taste buds with three strong flavors – Unripe mango, jaggery and sesame. Try it with your roti or naan. Don’t forget to share the goodness.

Amrakhand – The Maharashtrian delight made from frozen mango pulp mixed with yogurt and eaten with hot and fluffy pooris. Is your mouth watering, yet?

Image Source - Beingmarathi - Creative Commons

Aamras – Thick juice made of ripe mangoes with sugar or milk. Some relish it with boiled rice, rotis or other Indian breads. We just take a bowl of this goodness and gulp it down…. any way you will love it.

Image Source - Rutvi Mistry - Creative Commons

Mango kulfi – This is the one that satiates the soul. It’s a frozen milk dessert made with loads of dry fruits and ripe mangoes. Eat every summer night for sweet dreams.

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The delectable and delightful Mango - aptly called “King of fruits” has amazing nutritional value too. Did you know that they were grown in India more than 5000 years ago?

What are your top ways of eating mangoes, one of the most popular fruits in the world? Tell us in the comments section and we will surely include them in our post.


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