The 2015 Koli Seafood Festival at Mumbai- a feast for your senses

"Woh Mele Mein Jana Hai Na?" asked my rickshaw driver. I nodded. He zoomed passed the busy Versova traffic on a friday evening, synonymous with the suburb of Andheri in Mumbai. Delectable fish aroma tingled our nostrils a km before we reached the lit up entrance that announced our destination in bold letters. We had taken the Mumbai Metro to reach Versova in flat 20 mins from Ghatkopar and landed in a fiesta that will leave us wanting for more.

Organised annually since the last nine years, this 3 day foodie extravaganza is not be missed. It celebrates the traditions and cultures of Mumbai's oldest inhabitants- the Koli community. Song and dance mingle with people relishing several varieties of seafood delicacies from their favorite stalls. We recommend you take a look first and decide from over twenty varieties of fish like- Surmai, Pomfret, Basa, Tuna, Shellfish, Mandeli and our own -Bombil aka Bombay Duck. We sat down to eat at stall number 13, that had huge varieties of gravy preparations. Everything was finger licking good and cheaper than restaurants, but no bargaining was being encouraged. Try and charm the Kolis at your own risk :)

WickedSpoonConfessions fought crowds to take some yum pictures, but see them at your own risk. You might just head to the Koli Food Festival after seeing them. WickedSpoonConfessions is now on Youtube too, do have a look :-)

The Vibrant Decor!

Something Fishy, for dinner tonight?

Delectable Food at one of the stalls.

Prawn Frankie, Anyone?

Pomfret Stuffed with Green Masala.

Shell Masala and Bhakri made of rice!

Take back some dried fish!

Or some yummy pickles, too!!

In Koliland, do as the Kolis do!

A Beautiful Koli Woman.


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