Review: Keep Calm, Grab a Cocktail & Unwind with Cocktail Hours at Yauatcha, Mumbai

“Cocktails, because no great food story ever started by eating a salad,” quipped my partner in crime. "Its 5 pm, my teatime." I looked at my watch pointedly. We were outside Yauatcha in Bandra Kurla Complex, the favorite destination of corporate bigwigs. Suddenly, it struck me. There are over 24 varieties of tea at this Michelin star dim sum teahouse, enough to find my perfect cuppa. Did I drink tea? I surely did, but with a dash of vodka!!! Surprised? Read on J

What You See:
Yauatcha is a two level treat with desserts displayed downstairs, a huge…lemme correct that.... a really huge bar, communal table and seating area upstairs. The huge space exudes a modern vibe with dreamy ambience lighting, sophisticated seating and unbeatable views of sunset. Dark wood, glass and mood lighting mingle to make you comfortable. An aquarium adds to the vibe and one sees a busy open kitchen. We saw people relishing luscious dim sums and sipping tea from delicate china cups.

The Communal Bar at Yauatcha, Mumbai.

Grab a seat here to gorgeous views of the sunset.

What You Get:

As soon as we settled at the bar, my partner revealed his true intentions. Yauatcha had recently introduced cocktail hours with unlimited cocktails and bar selects between 5 -7 pm on weekdays. It was just after 5 pm and my tea addiction needed a fix. Lalu came to the rescue. Do not judge by the name. When the delicate freshness of lemongrass mingles with litchi juice, oolong tea and vodka- just surrender. The much loved cocktail is refreshing and plays a symphony that your taste buds will happily swoon to. 

Lalu, freshness in a glass!

I can smell a challenge from a mile away. As soon as “Highland Sour” was placed in front of me, I knew there was a challenge lurking in the corner. I raised the lowball glass and tentatively sipped on a mix of whiskey and egg white. Though you can't taste the egg white, it’s not your glass of cocktail if your tipple of choice is vodka or rum.

Highland Sour tempts you to pick up a challenge.

Nashi momo prepared with vodka and coconut cream with lingering taste of guava is sweet and heavy. It has a potential to become a favorite if you like a dash of sugar rush in your glass of cocktail.

The Bartenders Crush was an instant hit. With rum, cranberry, refreshing orange and a mild cucumber taste, it is a brilliant way to start your evening.

Find your crush in the Bartender's Crush. 

Next came “Cha la lai” with its lusty black grapes, vodka, oolong tea, apple juice and a dash of sparkling wine. Enjoy it with a platter of Crispy lamb, just as I did. 

Going Sha La La with “Cha la lai”, a tea based cocktail

Try your taste buds with Chili Martini, that true to its name spices things up with its homemade chili syrup in vodka. Orange juice tries to tone down the pungency but the fiery syrup overpowers it, but then what's life without some spice, right? 


The Cocktail hours at Yauatcha are a great way to unwind while grooving to electrifying music. Priced at Rs 1500 (plus taxes) in Mumbai between 5 & 7 pm on weekdays, it’s a sure shot way to lose your heart to your favorite cocktail.  The service is outstanding and the bartenders chat with you happily about their favorite cocktails. One can have beer and wine too. The bar menu is one of the best in the city and Yauatcha is the place to head if like me you believe in keeping calm and sipping your cocktail. Lounge against comfortable cushions or sit at the communal bar and break the monotony of a weekday. There is no better time than cocktail time.

Raheja Tower, Bandra Kurla Complex, 10, 1st Floor, C-30, G Block, Near Bank Of Baroda Corporate Office

Call: 022 2656 6262