Cake Mixing and Posing with Gingerbread House at Ramada Powai, Mumbai

I sat with my arms folded, listening in rapt attention.  As a kid, I loved stories. Real life was boring. Very boring. But not stories. No early morning school or homework in my stories.  I would play with Alice one day or bunked school and rested in a gingerbread house. I was five years old and it was nearing Christmas time. My cute teacher was telling us a story about Hansel and Gretel and their escape from the gingerbread house they chanced upon in the woods. I hated the witch but loved the idea of living in a house made of gingerbread.

Few years passed (No, I wont tell u how many exactly or you guys will do the math and know my age :D) and Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre, located at Powai invited me for a fun evening of cake mixing and to experience the 9 foot tall gingerbread house. Cake mixing is a popular ceremony in the West and many hotels in India invite their guests to partake in this fun activity as well. What I love most about is that it unites the staff, guests and food lovers and the lovely smell of holidays in the air.  I stepped into the lobby and noticed the heavenly smell of baked cookies, vanilla and cinnamon and various other ingredients neatly laid out on a table and behind it stood the gingerbread house- straight from my childhood stories. Walls made with gingerbread bricks, Parle G biscuit roof and decorated with sugary sweet gems and chocolate sticks, it was a beautiful sight. Beautiful enough, to lure anyone to step in and enjoy the delectable aromas. "How do you keep this 11 feet wide house together?" I quizzed? "With icing", they replied and I almost giggled in delight. I just had to take a picture with it- childhood memories, sake :)

The Gingerbread House- fond memories of childhood!
The Gingerbread house- come and indulge!

The chef announced the start of cake mixing and what happened next was a riot of flavors and colors. The fun we had is best told with pictures:

Lets Start the fun!

All the goodness of nuts and spices!

Now add the best part!
Mix, mix and mix some more...
Don't forget to pose, after the effort!

I sat back and sampled some in house goodies in the cafĂ©, all the while gazing at the gingerbread house. Like Hansel and Gretel, I lived to tell the tale. 

Guests can view the gingerbread house till Christmas time 2014. Ramada has introduced a variety of hampers full of select favorites like chocolates, ginger cookies, brownies, plum cakes, nuts and more for gifting purposes. Priced at INR 3950/- and 1950/- the hampers are perfect for gifting during the holiday times.

Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre.
Near Residence Hotel,
Before Vihar Lake,
Saki Vihar Road,

Telephone- 022 67776000


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