Terra Camp Stays

Enjoy a panoramic view of Mulshi lake and surreal camping experience with Terra Camp Stays. The campsite is located at a convenient distance of 169 km from Central Mumbai, 48 km from Chandni Chowk (Pune) and 30 km from Hinjewadi (Pune).

The camp is suitable for all types of visitors and is very family friendly with spacious tents, access to clean washrooms, comfortable bedding and pillows. There are a host of outdoor and indoor games, reading area, hammocks and other amenities to make your camping experience memorable and fun-filled. The campsite is very safe and located in a 3 acre private property.


The camping experience includes accommodation in spacious 2 person tents, comfortable bedding and pillows, evening tea with snacks, barbecue experience, village food cooked in traditional fire wood chula, bonfire, nature walk, morning tea, simple breakfast and fun games.

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