Do You Know About Rhododendron Flower and it's Awesome Benefits

A crimson bloom engulfs the slopes of Himalayas in the spring months. Tall giant trees flaming with bright red hue, catches the breath of any onlooker. Rhododendron has ruled many a hearts from poets to naturopaths, alike. This genus boasts of more than 1200 different varieties, in form of giant trees to ground carpeting mat like plants. 

The Rhododendron flower in India, is not only found in the Himalayas. This ornate plant has gained widespread recognition in gardens throughout Europe. Furthermore, this flower is abundant in the tropical regions of South East Asia and North America. Rhododendron flower in Hindi is known as "Buransh". Let's know more about rhododendron flower and it's awesome benefits.

In India it is identified as state tree of Sikkim and Uttarakhand, state flower of Himachal Pradesh and Nagaland; there are 80 species, 10 subspecies and about 14 different varieties found in Indian Sub-continent.  Although merciless felling of these red woody wonders have led them to brink of extinction, in north eastern regions.  

The statehood doesn’t end in India and it is also recognized as State flower of Washington and West Virginia, USA, Rhododendron varieties are found across continents.   China is recognized as the only country with maximum number of species of Rhododendron (around 571).

Is Rhododendron a medicine? 

Many people wonder, "What is rhododendron good for?" As a result, we decided to delve a little deeper.

In India and South East Asian Region, Rhododendron/ Snow Rose or “Buransh” has been acknowledged and listed with magnificent benefits in Ayurveda. Presence of minerals such as lead, iron, zinc, copper, sodium, manganese, chromium, cobalt, cadmium, molybdenum, nickel makes it a nutrient trove.

Ethnic healers used it as a cure for many diseases like heart ailments, lungs related - asthma or bronchitis. It is also helpful to cure gut and intestinal problems. Recent researches have broadened the prospective use with several test tube experiments, recognizing the curative properties found in this plant extract.

Rhododendron medicine uses

The Rhododendron flower is packed with flavonoids; an antioxidant which helps in providing relief from inflammation in body, specially swelling of prostrate, urinary bladder and kidney.  Even Homeopathic medicines are found using Rhododendron to treat Rheumatic conditions, like Rhododendron 30  ( by Dr Reckeweg) The natives of Himalayan regions traditionally used Rhododendron flower and leaves for treating headaches; migraine, stomach aches and sciatica pains.

Benefits of Rhododendron Juice 

The Red juice extracted from flowers of Rhododendron was Grandma’s magic potion as remedy for allergies, which are common with change of season like hay fever, hives and even Asthma for children and adults. 

Not just allergies it is believed that the juice of Rhododendron helps to treat diabetes, and off late medicines are developed from Rhododendron extracts because of the  anti-diabetic activities found  during lab experiments.  Interestingly, the local communities have long been using the same to treat Type I and Type II diabetes for generations. 

Rhododendron juice for healthy Heart

 In-vitro experiments have revealed that Rhododendron juice is potent panacea for heart patients. It is said to prevent heart attacks, prevents formation of blood clots, and also helps to lower cholesterol levels.

Skin benefits 

Rhododendron juice benefits for skin are immense. The anti-oxidant properties present restores natural skin glow and decreases any signs of ageing. It is used as treatment for acne, rashes, eczema and other skin related issues. 

Cancer prevention 

We are aware that Flavonoid namely Quercentin and Rutin help in prevention of Cancer cell formation. Ethno pharmacological research conducted by the Dept. of Biotechnology and Dept. of Molecular Biology, led to the deduction that the leaf extracts of Rhododendron Arboreum and campanulatum variety found in Uttrakhand region possesses anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties.

Is Rhododendron toxic?

It is observed that ingestion of Rhododendron flower or leaves in small portions does not cause toxicity in human beings. One glass full of this ‘Red Elixir’ will reap exceptional health benefits. It is said ‘all good things are best in balance’. A high dosage may cause toxicity and cause blurred vision, nausea, vomiting and difficulty in breathing. 

PS: Diabetic Patients and Pregnant women to exercise caution and discuss with your health provider before including Rhododendron juice in your routine diet, in case it hinders with your medication. 


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