4 Delicious Drinks to Serve at a Baby Shower

A baby shower is a celebration of the upcoming arrival of a newborn and a new chapter in an expectant mom's life. Also, it provides an opportunity to shower a mom-to-be with much love and attention, which will make them feel supported as they welcome a baby into the world.

As you will want a baby shower to be a memorable experience for your friend or relative, you must strive to make a new mom and their loved ones feel special. There's no better way to do so than by serving a signature drink upon arrival.

If you're unsure about the best beverage for the event, here are four delicious drinks to serve at a baby shower.

1. Iced Tea

Iced tea is a perfect drink to serve at a baby shower, as it is refreshing, and there are many flavors for different tastes and preferences. Plus, it is a great alternative to a cocktail, which an expectant mom will be unable to drink during the event. 

Impress guests by serving a variety of flavors from a tea brewing specialist. For example, B.W Cooper's Iced Tea offers tea sourced from across the world and provides many mouth-watering options, such as half & half iced tea and lemonade, southern sweet, or tropical mango green tea. 

It's the perfect way to welcome guests into a baby shower, especially during summer, and you can make the drink even more refreshing with a wedge of lemon, peach slice, or a mint sprig.

2. Fruit Smoothies

If you're hosting a morning baby shower, fruit smoothies are the way to go. They are tasty, refreshing, and fun, and they'll even provide the guest of honor with some nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. 

The beauty of fruit smoothies is you can create a specific recipe to serve upon arrival or blend fruits to match guests' tastes. You could even pour them into a champagne glass to add a splash of luxury to the event.

3. Baby Bellini

If you would like to mimic the taste of a bellini but exclude the alcohol, whip up some baby bellinis for a mom-to-be and her loved ones. All you'll need is some peach nectar, sparkling cider, and peach slices for garnish. 

If you can't find peach nectar at a grocery store, peach juice or puree are great alternatives. The delicious drink will incorporate some elegance into the event while making an expectant mom feel as if she's drinking champagne. 

4. Pink Cloud Punch

Pink cloud punch is a perfect drink option for a baby shower, as it's refreshing, tasty, and social. Guests can help themselves to a glass of punch throughout the baby shower, which will allow you to focus all your attention on the guest of honor. 

Plus, the punch is easy to make, as all you need to do is add 8 cups of pink lemonade, four cups of carbonated lemon and lime, and two quarts of raspberry sherbet. Also, make the punch look pretty by garnishing it with lemon or orange slices.


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