What is kombucha & Must Know Health Benefits & Side Effects

A popular artisanal beverage, you may have come across kombucha in menus of upscale restaurants. However, a lot of people stir away from this peculiar sweet n sour beverage due to lack of awareness. Brewed in ancient China from black or green tea, kombucha is considered as a functional beverage in recent times. Moreover, many believe that this brewed fizzy drink contains many health benefits including providing a healthy dose of B vitamins & probiotics. 

Let's know more about kombucha, it's health benefits & side effects.

Better digestion:

Studies show that the presence of probiotics in kombucha helps keep our gut in good health. In addition, it is also considered to increase your metabolism, leading to better weight management. 

Boost immunity:

Some consider Kombucha as a drink that helps reduce inflammation. As a matter of fact, when brewed with green tea, it also helps double the benefit due to presence of antioxidants. Anti oxidants help neutralize free radical damage & help boost immunity & overall health.

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Help remove body toxins:

The presence of gut friendly bacteria & certain enzymes help remove toxin build up from our bodies. In fact, many believe in following a kombucha cleanse for eliminating toxins from the body. However, do note to practice the same under the expert guidance of your doctor/dietician.

Kombucha recipe & How to make kombucha at home:

A fermented drink, kombucha is  made by adding cultures like bacteria/yeast to black or green tea. For an easy recipe to make kombucha at home, click here 

Kombucha side effects:

Before consuming this drink, it's important to know that hygienic conditions were followed during the fermentation process. Also, do note that not all kombucha health benefits are backed by research. Some have faced health problems like stomach upset, skin allergic reactions & mild nausea on consumption. The primary cause of this being care not taken during the fermentation process. Hence, do consume this brew made by reliable & authentic sources or brew it in the safety of your homes.


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