Easy Homemade Immunity Boosting Ginger Powder Recipe

Known for its immunity boosting properties, ginger is consumed in fresh & dried forms. As a matter of fact, across Indian households, ginger is used to calm digestion issues, nausea, bloaty stomach & more. Ginger powder is a great addition to homemade desserts, bakes, savory items as well as teas. However, good quality ginger powder without adulteration is the key to enjoy it's multiple benefits.

I aim to use homemade ingredients as much as possible to avoid adulteration often found in store bought items. In contrast to my previous schedule, I use the time spent cocooned at home during the Covid 19 recurring lockdowns to experiment with food. One such experiment, led to making homemade ginger powder & it tasted so much better than the one available in markets. Actually, the aroma & taste made it worthwhile to go through the bit laborious process. Although, homemade ginger powder is very easy to make, it is a bit time consuming. All you need is good quality ginger, sunlight & some time on hands!

Let's look at an easy homemade ginger powder recipe. Moreover, this is one of the best ways to make ground ginger powder. 

Wash & clean ginger very well to remove impurities.

Dry & peel off skin. However, try to remove a thin layer

Next, slice the ginger thinly

Further, spread it on a plate.

Keep the plate in direct sunlight to dry

Do this till the ginger slices are completely dry. This may take 4-5 days depending on sunlight received.

Grind the dry ginger slices in a blender. Furthermore, sieve the powder to separate bigger particles to get a fine powder. Grind the bigger particle again to powder form. 

Finally. store in refrigerator to avoid mold.

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We make fresh homemade ginger powder in micro batches to ensure quality, aroma & taste.

How to use ginger powder:

Ginger powder tea:

This tea is a great way to enjoy a hot drink as well to boost immunity. Heat some water. Add homemade ginger powder as per taste. Next, bring it to a boil. Further, add some turmeric powder & switch off the gas. Cover & let it rest. Finally, strain into cups & add a bit of honey. Enjoy hot!

Add it to ladoos made with whole wheat flour, dry fruits & ghee

Add while making peanut chikki

Make a sweet pill with melted jaggery & ginger powder to treat cold & cough

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Ginger powder uses:

Helps cure digestion issues like bloating & calms an irritated stomach

Treats mild cold & cough

Anti bacterial properties help tackle mild infections

Helps treat inflammation due to presence of anti inflammatory properties

Can help tackle morning sickness

So why wait, try this easy homemade ginger powder recipe. Moreover, tell us how did it turn out in the comments section.


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