Tiger's Nest Monastry Bhutan - Tips to Climb, Entry Fees & How to Plan

Bhutan's most sacred site, Tiger’s Nest Monastery should be on every travelers bucket list. Legend say, Guru Rinpoche arrived at the site from Tibet on the back of a tigress to subdue a local demon & later meditated here for a period of three months. The monastery also known as Paro Takstang & Taktshang Goemba was built in 1692. Perched atop a cliff, this majestic site offers breathtakingly picturesque views & serene moments of self reflection to every traveler. Besides, successfully hiking to the monastery, a feat that may take 5-7 hours is a gratifying experience. Moreover, striding along the scenic trail one gets to walk through a pine forest, enveloped in nature smells. Let's look at how to plan a visit & some tips to climb Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan.

A functional monastery, it consists of four temples & residences for monks. Additionally, do note that any photography inside the premises is prohibited. Besides, do keep at least half a day for a visit here

Tips to climb Tiger's Nest Monastery:
The only way to reach Tiger's Nest Monastery is by hiking. Although the path is mostly muddy, it's wide enough to walk.

Start early as it can get hotter as the day progresses. 9 am is a good time to start & also helps avoid crowds.

Buy tickets at the start of the trail itself as there are no booking options at the top. Moreover, tourists can also hire a horse that helps you reach most of the way.

Hire a guide from the town as nothing is available at the site. In addition, one can also request the hotel to arrange a guide if possible.

Do hire a walking stick for a small fee at the start of the trail near the parking area. It really helps maintain balance during your trek.

The uphill trek can be a bit tough & may take more than 3 hours. Furthermore, take enough breaks & enjoy the fabulous views as you ascend. Needless to say, these memories shall stay with you forever.

A cafeteria at halfway point is a great place to take a break. Importantly, one gets to enjoy some fantastic views of Tiger’s Nest Monastery here. A lot of tourists enjoy a small picnic here before re-starting the hike. Similarly, a few choose to end their hike at this point.

The climb after the cafeteria gets a bit easy. I admit, the thought of giving up did cross my mind here but with motivation from fellow hikers, I managed to reach the monastery.

Do stop at the Takstang viewpoint to click iconic pictures of the monastery. Moreover, enjoy breathtakingly views  of the mountains & Paro town from here.

After the viewpoint one needs to descend stone steps & cross a bridge adorned with colorful prayer flags. To reach the monastery, ascend few more steps & meet your guide.

Do keep an hour to experience the serenity once inside. However, do dress appropriately as you are visiting a sacred & religious site

Tiger Nest Monastery Entry Fee:

To visit the monastery from inside tourists need to pay an entry fee of INR/BTN 500.

How Do I Reach Here:

Tiger’s Nest Monastery is located closet to Paro. Hire a car to take you here. Besides, if you are a part of an organized tour, the visit here will be pre-planned. 

Best Time to Visit Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

The winter months of October till January is the best time to visit. We visited Tiger's Nest Bhutan in December. As a result, we enjoyed cool, crisp weather during our stay. If possible do avoid the hot summer month of May & the monsoon season that lasts through June till September.

Can I Do Tiger’s Nest with Kids:

Hiking with small kids may prove to be a challenge. Although, we did see kids aged 5 years & upwards hiking under guidance.

Additional Information:
  • One needs to cover a total distance of 9 kms to finish the hike. Also, time taken may vary from 5-7 hours excluding the time to visit temples inside. Moreover, difficulty level can be categorized as moderate & average fitness is required to complete the hike.
  • Carry a lightweight backpack & mostly essentials. We met a lot of tourists requesting water from us along the way. Also, bags are required to be kept in the lockers & not allowed in the monastery.
  • Do check the timings before your visit here
  • Wear comfortable shoes, carry enough water & bring along a first aid kit.
  • If you have any medical conditions, do check with your doctor before undertaking this hike.


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