Gin Cocktail Recipe - Love With a Pinch of Salt From Jyran Gin Bar at Sofitel Mumbai, BKC

Mumbai's first gin bar housed in the signature restaurant Jyran at Sofitel Mumbai, BKC offers 30 gin varieties sourced from 11 countries. Not to mention, the innovative homemade infused gins. Yes, think flavors of Indian pan, saffron, chamomile, rosemary & more infused with gin. In addition, think classic gin cocktails served in a tasteful ambience.

Derived from Juniper berries, gin can be your choice for a night out with friends or a business lunch. Acclaimed internationally as an undiluted clear spirit, the botanicals present come to life when mixed to make cocktails. Coupled with the fact, that gin is used to make most number of cocktails all over the world, we wanted to try one of Jyran's signature offering during our visit. In like manner, next time you visit here, do check some creative gin cocktails from an impressive menu.

Whip up a delectable gin based cocktail shared by Peter Sethi, beverage manager, Sofitel Mumbai BKC.

Cocktail name - Love with a Pinch of Salt


30 ml Gin
30 ml Zinfandel
5 ml Peach Puree
5 ml Almond Syrup
5 ml Ginger Juice
5 ml Lime Juice


Shaken: The ingredients are poured into a shaker and then well shaken. The same is strained and poured into a glass.