Eden Island in Seychelles- How To Plan Trip, What To See & Where To Stay

On our last day in Seychelles, we urged ourselves to do something different. Resisting the lure of sipping on fresh coconut water under the shade of swaying palm trees and showing off our sun-kissed tan, we decided to visit the more diverse side. Besides, Eden Island Seychelles, showcases a very different lifestyle. Cross a 300m bridge from the main island and step into a different world. Dotted with restaurants, luxury boutiques, numerous cafes, a private residential estate, shopping centre, souvenir shops, supermarket as well as a world class marina.

Located approximately at 3.5 km from the capital Victoria, Eden Island is an artificial island in Seychelles. Moreover, it's built out of the sea. Conceptualized to create extra space and land, it was one of the first property developments in Seychelles available to foreigners on freehold title.

Though Eden Island's luxurious villas and stylish apartments with private beach access can be enjoyed by residents/tourists, spending a day at Eden Islands is an attractive proposition. Centrally located, many chose to stay at Eden Island in Seychelles due to its vantage point. In addition, it's great to explore the many wonders of this archipelago. The full-service Eden Island Marina gives you fast access to a boat or a catamaran for day trips to the ocean. Hence, it is favored by island-hoppers and business travelers.

A quick overnight stay at Eden Islands promises a glimpse of a more luxurious side. And a chance to indulge in dining experiences, signature treatments at spas, retail therapy indulgence and day trips to other islands. Adventure lovers can opt for excursions like sailing, diving, big game fishing, island hopping and more during their stay.

We walked around the Marina boardwalk and admired the yachts. Some were moored while some ready to set sail on a beautiful cruise. 

From the many restaurants, shops and cafe that fringed the Marina, our first stop was 1770 Brewery. It served good craft beer at value for money prices. 100 SCR for a tall glass and 75 SCR for a regular one.

Eden Plaza, the shopping centre at Eden Islands housed high end boutiques. We stepped into while making a silent promise not to stuff our overweight suitcases. Later, we exchanged banter at Chatter Box Cafe, a trendy coffee shop that also offers limited meal menu.

The supermarket is a great option to buy groceries as the range offered was much better than by the ones on the main island. And if one feels lighter on the pocket, hop into a currency exchange outlet located in the plaza. As the sun went down on another beautiful day, we dined at The Boardwalk Bar, located right on the waters edge.

Eden Island attracts an interesting mix of people. Moreover, tourists, couples on a honeymoon, residents, ladies juggling shopping bags mingle with businessmen striking deals over cups of coffee or glasses of craft  beer. Though it's difficult to move away from the beauty of majestic Seychelles islands, make time to visit Eden Island. It is definitely the more swankier side of Seychelles.

For accommodation, there are options like Eden Island apartments & villas available on rental basis. Eden Island also has good options available on airbnb.