Sun and Moon Cafe, Rooftop Restaurant In Udaipur Review

Udaipur, a city seeped in history is abound with scenic spots at every turn that offer magical glimpses of the landscape. Known as "The City of Lakes" and "Venice of the East", this city in picturesque Rajasthan lures travelers with serene lakes, colorful markets, crooked streets and lip smacking food. We visited one of the best rooftop restaurant in Udaipur, Sun and Moon cafe to watch a gorgeous sunset unfold over the city & rest our wandering feet. Also, known as one of the best restaurants in Udaipur, Sun and Moon cafe menu is pretty extensive.

You know, we absolutely love sunsets and traveled all the way to Kakkathuruthu islands in Kerala for experiencing one, read about it here.

The booming cafe culture in Udaipur offers many options to tourists for enjoying good food and if you have time to visit only a few, Sun and Moon cafe, located on the rooftop of Hotel Udai Niwas should be on your list.

The cafe offers stunning views that are unparalleled in the city accentuated by a cosy ambience across multiple levels, the top most level aptly named "Hawa Mahal" that attracts a charge of INR 500 but offers exclusivity.

The seating ranges from cozy cabanas with colorful throw pillows and comfortable table and chairs. We loved the jharokhas that framed the closed seating space but chose an open air table to enjoy panoramic views.

The extensive menu serves Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental cuisine and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to guests. The beverage list includes juices, varieties of coffee and tea, lassi, mocktails and alcoholic beverages- domestic and international.

The food menu offers quick eats like sandwiches, burgers, salads, Indian starters in vegetarian and non vegetarian options, mains- Indian, traditional and global favorites along with desserts.

We tried a piping hot pot of Indian masala tea along with a thin crust pizza with seasonal greens (baby corn, capsicum, mushroom) since dinner time seemed a distant possibility amongst the lure of bazaars.

Image Courtesy- Aqua Oyster

Parking can be a tricky affair as the hotel is located on a very busy road. The cafe also comes up with theme nights frequently which is an added plus- think sangria nights, ladies nights, happy hours on select cocktails and more. The best time to visit is during sunset hours and Friday evenings with some live music.

How Much Do I Pay For A Meal For Two:

Approximately 500 INR plus taxes


8 am till 11 pm


Sun and Moon Rooftop Restaurant, Udai Niwas Hotel, Near Jagdish Temple, Gangaur Ghat, Chandpole, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Call # 9001006762

Anything More:

Hotel Udai Niwas offers accommodation that ranges from boutique to budget rooms to suit every taste.


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