Creative Hour At Home Chef Matters With Godrej Veg Oils

An innovative platform for home chefs, rightly called #HomeChefMatters aims to create an insightful ecosystem for all stakeholders. Launched by Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) in association with Vikhroli Cucina- a smorgasbord of chef perspectives, recipes, blogger experiences, kitchen designs, gadgets and other gastronomic delights, the whole day conference is an initiative that helps home chefs gain new insights, learn from the experts and indulge in productive networking. The 2017 edition of #HomeChefMatters 2.0 was an engrossing affair with estemeed speakers and panelists - Kunal Vijayakar, Chef Ranveer Brar, Rashmi Uday Singh and more, engaging the audience on myriad topics and insightful discussions. And the session turned even more interesting with home chef’s participating in a Creative Hour with Godrej Veg Oils.

Creative Hour At Home Chef Matters With Godrej Veg Oils

Apart from making our food delicious, the use of healthy cooking oils in our daily food intake is an important part of our overall well-being. Godrej Veg Oils has an impressive range of edible oils like sunflower, sesame, rice barn, groundnut and more to suit varied consumer tastes. This year, the theme of the creative hour at #HomeChefMatters 2.0 was chosen as “Lost Recipes”. Each teams was given 30 minutes to come up with innovative recipes made with select ingredients laid out in a makeshift pantry and using any oil of their choice from the Godrej Veg Oils range.

The atmosphere soon turned electric with home chef teams discussing recipes that can be made in 30 minutes, team members running around to fetch ingredients and frenzied activity on workstations. The sound of onions being chopped mingled with aromas of minced garlic being fried in oil as various delicious dishes started taking shape under expert hands of home chefs.

Team Members Cooking Up A Storm With Godrej Veg Oils

Every table displayed joyful camaraderie as participants worked as a team to come up with a dish that tasted and looked delectable! At every workstation, we loved the way participants used edible oil to cook dishes with various methods- deep frying, sauteing, shallow fry or just simple tempering to bring out the final flavour of the dish. Soon, the clock chimed loud and clear, announcing the end of the cooking activity. All the teams impressively had finished cooking, assembling and adding final touches to the presented dish in the stipulated time. Each dish looked spectacular and we knew the judges had a tough time ahead!!

Ghunghat Mein Baigan- One of The Dishes 

Soon it was time to judge the hard work of home chefs and judges went around tasting and speaking to participants to know more about the presented recipe.

After careful deliberation, the winning team was announced and the audience lauded their efforts. The winning team had made quiet an impression with a dish from the Pathare Prabu community- Annanasche Sambhare a sweet and spicy curry made with pineapple chunks and coconut milk during wedding feasts. Sounds, delicious? Yes, it really was!

The Winning Dish

The winning team received a hamper from Godrej Veg Oils and looked radiant as they posed.

Know more about the winning dish in this video


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