Review: Bunts Food Festival At Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport

Exploring distinctive and peculiar cuisines, without stepping away too far from home is a double treat! Bunts, an enterprising community of landowners and natives of a strip of the Karavalli coast derive their name from 'Bunta', meaning warrior. Historically, the community played a major role in the armies of local chieftains, serving the ruling chief that helped them become landowners in their region. A wealthy community, the cuisine of the Bunts is elaborate, primarily non-vegetarian and requires copious amounts of fresh coconut and involves a lot of grinding.

When Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport invited us to try this distinctive coastal cuisine from Southwest Karnataka, we were intrigued. Now, who can say no to Kori Rotti, Bunt Chicken Curry, Ghee Roast and Kori Sukka? And vegetarian lovers rejoice- the festival offers delicious vegetarian varieties too.

The well decorated entrance that featured marigold flowers, banana leaves and hanging fresh vegetables beckoned us. We settled ourselves on a Friday evening and saw many patrons enjoying themselves all around us. The kitchen was buzzing as apart from buffet, the restaurant also serves à la carte meals.

We started with Tomato Saar - tangy rasam enhanced with pepper, tamarind and spices. Batata ambade, fried mashed potato dumplings and sweet potato podi (fritters) were perfect to munch on!

Sweet Potato Podi

A live station offered seafood lovers a real treat with a variety of fish like surmai (king fish), squids, prawns and more served roasted or deep fried!

Next, we could not wait to try the famous Kori Rotti - a delicious dish of spicy addictive coconut based chicken curry & rottis made with ground rice paste, served all over restaurants in Mangalore as well made in every household. Eating this dish made us think of one word- comfort food that deserves a second serving....or maybe even a third.

A live station serving hot Neer Dosas and Appams grabbed our attention

Live Station - Appam and Neer Dosa

Pair these delights with Mutton Ghee Roast - mutton chunks cooked till tender in spicy chili masala paste roasted in ghee and Kori Sukka - traditional dry chicken preparation made with homemade masalas and freshly grated coconut. 

Mutton Ghee Roast

Gengi Sukka - Bunt style dry and spicy crab preparation is another must try for sea food lovers.

Gengi Sukka

Try delicious fluffy and hot steam rice with Meen Puli Mumnchi - spicy sour lady fish curry made with homemade masalas and creamy coconut milk.

Vegetarian food lovers can try Kadle Manoli - Ivy gourd and chickpeas cooked with grated coconut and spices, Bareda Kai Ajadina - a dry banana dish, Thouthe Koddel - cucumber chunks cooked in coconut based sweet, sour and spicy curry and more. Also on offer are a delicious variety of freshly ground and flavorful chutneys, pachadi (raita like preparation) Kosumalli (traditional salads) and papads.

For desserts apart from cakes and pastries on offer, try traditional offerings like Manni- rice cooked with coconut milk and flavored with jaggery, nuts and cardamom powder, ladoos, halwa and puran poli.

Priced at INR 1​,​399 plus taxes, the buffet indulges patrons with the robust flavors of the Bunt cuisine.

Saptami, Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport

11th August till 20th August

7 pm to 11:30 pm from 11th to 20th August

For Reservations Call:

Image Courtesy: Holiday Inn Mumbai


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