Thursday, 27 October 2016

Diwali Special - Step by Step Mohanthal Mithai Recipe

Across Gujarati & Rajasthani homes, Diwali binge eating celebrations are incomplete without a  golden hued gram-flour fudge called "Mohanthal". Crumbly, sweet & satiating, this fudge is easy to make with a bit of patience and oodles of love. Mohanthal is also offered to deities as Prasad or offering. The trick to making a delicious Mohanthal lies in constantly stirring the mix over a controlled medium flame. Wicked Spoon Confessions brings a step by step recipe that's easy to follow & will surprise loved ones with a yummy sweet treat.

Benefits of Ghee

Ghee traces its roots to the ancient tradition of Ayurveda, where it was considered a sacred, medicinal, cleansing, and nourishing food known as Sattvik Food (spiritually pure). Sattvik food nourishes our mind, body and soul with its calming and pure nature. The benefits to use ghee daily are limitless, let’s take a look at some of these.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

7 Must Have Sweets During Diwali

Diwali like any other Indian festival is celebrated with fervor, family and loads of sweets, specially Indian mithai. Diyas are illuminated basking homes in a golden glow, colorful rangolis adorn homes, family & friends visit & we all look forward to nibbling on sweets throughout the day.

In this day & age of molecular gastronomy & fusion food, its heartening to see that during Diwali people indulge in simple Indian mithai that satisfy the soul. Homes are fragrant with aromas of homemade barfi, ladoos, gujiyas, halwas & more. Wicked Spoon Confessions brings you delicious must have sweets during Diwali.

Motichoor Ladoo:

Crumbly & delicious, Motichoor ladoos are a favorite! Made with ghee fried gram flour boondi dunked in sugar syrup & rolled into round ladoos, these golden delights will make everyone drool.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Quaker Feed a Child Initiative Brings a Fistful of Nutrition to Thousands of Underprivileged Children

The season of festivals is upon us. From the glamourous dances of Navratris to the Sindoor Khela during Durgo Pujo & the colorful festival of lights- Diwali...celebrations are in the air. Delicacies are made in every household, Mithai boxes are wrapped in colorful ribbons & Gourmet gifts are exchanged amongst families & friends. For a lot of us festivals bring in loads of cheer but we often do think of a few who arent that lucky. During such festive times, its heartwarming to see a brand thinking about making festivals meaningful for underprivileged children with just "Ek Muthi".

Launched in India in 2006, the brand Quaker is more than 130 years old and known across Indian households as a 100% wholegrain and natural source of carbohydrates and dietary fibre. On the occasion of World Food Day, Quaker India announced the launch of Quaker Feed a Child Initiative with Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna hosting a long table brunch with oats-based dishes for more than 100 children from Smile Foundation. The initiative aims to bring a fistful of nutrition to many underprivileged children across India during this festive season.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

8 Delicious Egg Dishes

Eggs spell comfort food for many and are a great option to satisfy our cravings. They are rich in protein and keep you full for longer and help you control binging on snacks. Eggs are the perfect food for anytime of the day, be it a sumptuous breakfast, accompaniment for lunch or a healthy evening snack to curb your cravings or a light dinner. If you are an egg lover, you would have already heard/tried the ever popular egg based dishes such as omelette, scrambled and boiled eggs.

Let’s look at some extremely delicious egg dishes that are popular in different parts of the world.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Easy Green Cabbage Kimchi

If you like spicy, intensely flavored food, then kimchi is for you. Here is a easy recipe for green cabbage kimchi.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

5 Popular Types of Kimchi

Kimchi is a spicy and sour dish of fermented vegetable, the most popular one being cabbage. The origin of Kimchi goes back to 7th century Korea when pickling was introduced to store food as it was almost impossible to cultivate during the winters. It is heartening to know that the kimchi we eat today is still prepared the same way since its inception.

Due to the fermentation process, kimchi has high nutritional value, fiber content and low calories. It also contains lactic acid bacteria that helps with digestions and combats bad bacteria. It was also featured in 'Health' as one of the top five healthiest foods in the world. No Korean meal is complete without kimchi and is available in more than 100 variations. Here are 5 popular kimchi variations:

Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons Chloe Lim