Review: Pukhtan-E-Jyran Festival at Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Jyran, Sofitel Mumbai's artistically rich restaurant with an elaborate walkway, well done bar, huge dining area and alfresco space sets the right mood for a fine dine experience. We have dined here a couple of times & every time we soak in the ambience that spells laid back luxury fused with a touch of class. Intrinsic patterns, vivid colors, rich upholstery & a corner brought alive by brightly painted tin trunks are some of the note worthy elements that lend the overall ambience a comfortable feel.

The table setting is elaborate with beautiful art deco plates and a platter of popaddams (papads)
arrive as soon as you settle down.

Recently Jyran hosted an interesting ‘Pukhtan-E-Jyran’ festival that invited guests to embark on a journey to the historic state of Awadh. This festival celebrated a royal cuisine that involved traditional slow cooking techniques that originated from the Awadhi region. The technique involves cooking meat and vegetables over a very low flame in sealed containers for hours (pukthan) encapsulating the splendid aromas and rich flavours of the dishes.Select spices are used in the dishes & authentic ‘Dum’ delicacies are cooked in Pukhtan style that traces its roots to the rule of the Nawabs in the late 1700s offering guests a royal dining experience.

We started with a platter of appetisers, Murgh Khushk Parda-luscious chicken legs cured in star anise scented marinade grilled in tandoor along with select vegetables & served with a cover (purdah) of puff pastry- a must try, Dum ki Chop- marinated lamb chops cooked dum style- we recommend seconds :) and Mahi Motiya- filled of tilapia marinated with green chili, buttermilk, coated with sago & fried crisp & golden.

For main course we decided to try Paaye ki Nihari - lamb trotters cooked overnight with aromatic potli masala

and Ghosh Bawli Handi - select lamb cuts cooked on low heat in a earthen pot with seasonal vegetables & garnished with sprinkle of mace. Hot layered Indian bread disappeared between the true flavors of these royal delicacies!!

A special mention to the Murgh Sifiyani biryani- a beautiful pulao dish made with spring chicken & long grain basmati rice flavored with fennel powder. The biryani was flavorful & fragrant-a welcome change from the masala-laden biryanis.

For desserts we tried Aloo ka Muzafar- Chef's twist to the famous Sevayyon Ka Muzafer. Shredded potatoes are soaked to remove starch & carefully cooked in sugar syrup on a low flame & garnished with chopped nuts.

Shahi Tukda - fried bread dipped in milk & served with a generous portion of rabdi, nuts & saffron strands. Do we say more?

The ‘Pukhtan-E-Jyran’ festival at Sofitel Mumbai BKC invites you to join a royal feast complete with traditional cooking techniques & authentic ingredients helmed by Jyran’s Chef Shadab Ahmed Qureshi who originally hails from Lucknow. His artistic mastery of authentic flavors is visible in every dish that will keep you wanting to come back.

The region of Awadh is known for its gastronomic delights that have inspired royal feasts and what could be better than experiencing the delicacies in the Jyran ambience? A few dishes will form a part of the regular menu, in case you have missed the ‘Pukhtan-E-Jyran’ festival.

Vegetarians can enjoy treats like Subz aur Mewe ki Seekh, Paneer Doodhiya Kabab, Arbi ka Salan, Dum ke Aloo and more. And while you are enjoying a feast fit for royals do try the fabulous cocktails that the brilliant mixologists here come up with or a well presented mocktail. What did we indulge in? Well....our taste buds were swooning to a muddled mojito!

The ‘Pukhtan-E-Jyran’ festival ends on September 30, 2016

Where: Jyran, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

What You Pay For a Meal for Two - INR 5000 plus taxes approx